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The Big Ol' List of 6th Annual TList Nominees

Yes, the TList is back! Our annual celebration of the best shirts from the past year is underway, and we're rolling out loads of ways for you to get involved.

Use your eyes too look at the massive list of TList nominees below! Check out our facebook poll to vote for your faves! Join us for the TList Party here in Seattle on March 18th at 7pm where we'll announce the winners! Or even go buy one of the shirts we are selling! That's a great way to get involved. And now, on to the many nominees:

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T-List Awards 2011: Editorial Awards

by Jason Toon

Sure, we'd like you to buy our T-List award winners. But we'd love for you to understand why they were chosen as our favorite Shirt.Woot designs of 2011. The following highly subjective choices really did it for our editors last year:

Barbara’s Favorite of 2011
Revenge of the Damsels
by Anna-Marie Jung and Rebekie Bennington


Travis’s Favorite of 2011
by radiomode


Best Food Shirt
In the Library, with the Wrench
by kevlar51 and walmazan


Best Pop-Culture Shirt
The Cheese is a Liederkranz
by bassanimation


Best Animal Shirt
Makin’ Bread
by ochopika


Best Math/Science Shirt
Schrödinger’s Equation
by ramyb


Best Shirt to Turn Into a Poster
Reading Rocket Ship
by qetza


The Good Die Young Award for Best Design Reckoned Before Its Time
Colors of a Feather
by Andy Pitts


But wait! There's more T-List ecstasy on tap - much more! Read the blog posts, then buy the winners!

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T-List Awards 2011: Design Awards

by Jason Toon

The T-List awards isn't just a huge one-week-only sales event - it's also our way of saying "stone righteous job, blood" to our favorite Shirt.Woot designs of 2011. Here are our editors' picks for those shirts that exhibited conspicuous excellence in design:

Best Use of Color
Toucan Sheds His Tint
by cmdixon2


Best Linework
Celtic Skull
by Rachel Caldwell a.k.a. Thirsty Fly


Best Composition
New, from Entropy Records
by Michelle Li (aka littleclyde)


Best Use of Light
Keep Driving
by Spiritgreen


Best Use of Type
Questionable Table of Elements
by Adam Koford a.k.a. ApeLad


Best One-Color Design
Eats, Shoots, and Leaves
by midgerock


Best Use of Glow-in-the-Dark or Metallic Ink
Run Away! Run Away
by lucky1988


Triple-S Award for Style, Sophistication, and Subtlety
Forbidden Future
by rglee129 and kaseyfleming


A fine gallery of worthies, no doubt - yet they comprise but a sliver of the entire T-List! Read the blog posts, then buy the winners!

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