Derby #38: The Year You Were Born


Rejected because: This is just too darn close to an actual Care Bear.

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quality posts: 8 Private Messages Shigwarm
Re: 1984

Care bears came out in 1984! See this site.
And so did a movie called "Ice Pirates".


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mia3mom
Re: 1984

hate care bears, love pirates. a win-win! I want to buy one and shrink it to put on the care bears in my house..

nice work! love the idea of combining very different events!

& the Gaggle of Girls; so many shirts, so little space in the dresser!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages KENPARS0NS
Re: 1984

HA! Pirate Care Bear! SWEET!


quality posts: 14 Private Messages SailorButterfly
Re: 1984

Love it. I have a friend who likes pirates and Care Bears, so I am so getting her one of these if it wins!

The "Most Awesome Butterfly-Sailor Hybrid on Woot"

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