Derby #204: I ❤ Books!

Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow
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Take a look... It's reading a book... It's a Reading Rainbow!


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Re: Reading Rainbow

Good start CM. Some things you might think about to improve your design:

- White shirts tend to not to well in derbies, consider using a different color. Sky blue would work well, considering ti's a rainbow.

- Are those gradients? Gradients aren't printable, and if you're using halftones it's good to show a closeup, or post one in your first comment, so voters can get a feel for what your halftones will be like.

- Rainbows work well with solid colors (check out Tjost's rainbow entry in this derby for an example), I'd suggest picking your six colors and doing solid color bars on the rainbow. You can always make the book the same color as one of your bars to give you more freedom (like dark blue).


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runnerfrog13 wrote:Good start CM.

Oops! read those ww too fast and got CM instead of CW, sorry!

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