Derby #209: Fairy Tales

Enormous Beanstalk

Enormous Beanstalk
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Re: Enormous Beanstalk

Please go easy on me this is my first submission. Constructive criticism strongly encouraged :D


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Re: Enormous Beanstalk

Its a nice idea, and the picture illustrates the point. I don't know about the hues of color you used, the brown clashes with the blue. You should check out the halftone tutorials. I'll get back to on the one I liked.... not that you have to use halftones, but they make it easier to shade and still keep under the 6 spot color limit. I just started using them, but I'm getting better with practice.


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Screentone Tutorial
This is actually a woot tutorial.

One note on the tutorial that you will probably want to know, is that if you want the circles to be your color instead of them being empty and your color around them, use the inverse command under image>adjustments. You have to use it on the quick mask on your layer, not the actual color.

this may not make sense now, but it will when you try the tutorial. If you have questions you can contact me on My DA account


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Re: Enormous Beanstalk

I can't tell if this was intentional or not, as you didn't mention it in your description. . . but this totally looks like a shot from SimTower, complete with 'happy/impatient/furious'-shaded people waiting for the elevator.

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