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Nature's Gardner

Nature's Gardner
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quality posts: 4 Private Messages cptgone
Re: Nature's Gardner

i like your style, but what i like most about this is the surprise it gave me when i saw the grass is actually a tree line. it turns the protagonist into a giant just like that. GMV


quality posts: 47 Private Messages omarfeliciano
Re: Nature's Gardner

Awesome work!

I have your "Not Like The Other..." shirt and it is one of my favorites ;)


quality posts: 0 Private Messages siphroseflame
Re: Nature's Gardner

I really like it! The character you've created is really interesting and cute, without being overly adorable.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Leeny11

And he looks like a it!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages clav08
Re: Nature's Gardner

The flower on the watering can really pulls this together for me.


quality posts: 16 Private Messages wirdou

really nice and love the character!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages wehealthy
Re: Nature's Gardner

A simple change of scale makes all the difference. maybe if there was a person watering his/her own grass would be cool aswell


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jkong015
Re: Nature's Gardner

Sweet, I'm lovin' the colors and the big fuzzy guy too. ;)


quality posts: 0 Private Messages harukatsu
Re: Nature's Gardner

freaking brilliant


quality posts: 0 Private Messages whovian42
Re: Nature's Gardner

fricken adorable... gmv


quality posts: 667 Private Messages lonelypond
Re: Nature's Gardner

darn cute, got one of my rooting for it fog votes


quality posts: 43 Private Messages ChronoSquall14
Re: Nature's Gardner

Once again, Woot! voters appear to have saved me $12. A shame. This would've been the perfect shirt for my son, who loves to help around the garden. I love your monsters and hope to see more printed someday.

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