Derby #272: College Shirts

Dawkins - Crocoducks

Dawkins - Crocoducks
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quality posts: 2 Private Messages FloppyKing
Re: Dawkins - Crocoducks

Sadly I had to look up the reference to get it, but once i did i realized this shirt deserved a +1


quality posts: 2 Private Messages charlottesumxs
Re: Dawkins - Crocoducks

I also had to look it up (only to discover that Creationists *could* be stupider than I thought) and now must also give it my vote. I'll be happy to explain it to everyone who sees me wearing it!


quality posts: 103 Private Messages oakenspirit
Re: Dawkins - Crocoducks

This makes me SO HAPPY...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages CYBERREQUIN
Re: Dawkins - Crocoducks

I was inspired, saw Richard Dawkins give a speech last week at Aloha Tower, and shared a beer with Sean Faircloth afterwards.

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