Re: More Than The Three R's

(get off my lawn)
When I was growing up, it was second nature to toss the vegitable scraps into the garden. We patched the knees of our jeans. If they were too worn for patches, we turned them into shorts. We saved our bacon grease because it was the best thing for frying up eggs. Shoeboxes were decorated and used for storage. We didn't call it recycling, or upcycling, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. It was the best way to get every use, and every penny's value, out of everything that came into our home.
(/get off my lawn)

Seriously though, there are so many more ways to be earth friendly than buying re-usable water bottles, or tossing your soup cans in the recycle bin. But I supposed if they tried to diagram it, the icon would have a whole lot more than three arrows.

3 colors on Navy.