Derby #298: This Means War!

Lincoln and Lee Vs. Saturn

Lincoln and Lee Vs. Saturn
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Re: Lincoln and Lee Vs. Saturn

Sorry to resub, but I rushed the last one to market. I think this looks a lot better.

Regardless, I always wish Lee had led the north. I understand his loyalty to state trumped loyal to country, so I played with the concept by making loyalty to planet. That way he and Lincoln could be on the same team. What a combo! I apologize to all historians for this historical lens.

Thanks for looking.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages mlovesr
Re: Lincoln and Lee Vs. Saturn

Epic BattLLe (and design--Wow!) and a war in which every person can get behind! Go Humans!


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quality posts: 56 Private Messages fishbiscuit5
Re: Lincoln and Lee Vs. Saturn

US History + robots = win! +1


quality posts: 40 Private Messages BootsBoots


quality posts: 9 Private Messages chumpmagic
Re: Lincoln and Lee Vs. Saturn

Wow... This looks great and the concept is too amusing!


quality posts: 6 Private Messages kharmazero
Re: Lincoln and Lee Vs. Saturn

this is fun!!it could be a movie too

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