Derby #363: $10K Cup, Round I: Text

Don't Dead, Open Inside

Don't Dead, Open Inside
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quality posts: 47 Private Messages omarfeliciano
Re: Don't Dead, Open Inside

Having Yoda as a zombie apocalypse partner is a bad idea. He'll surely get you in trouble with his backward talking!!!

I'm pretty sure he wrote this…


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Grimgate
Re: Don't Dead, Open Inside

hah! awesome.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages jessisima
Re: Don't Dead, Open Inside

I like the cute Yoda, but the text feels off to me. To be in Yoda speak it should be something like "Dead Inside. Keep Closed You Must."


quality posts: 18 Private Messages sonofafish
Re: Don't Dead, Open Inside

Adore your cute Yoda, I do! +1

that's my time, folks

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