Derby #366: 10K Round IV: Speciality Ink

Jus’ Chillin’ (cranberry)

Jus’ Chillin’  (cranberry)
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Re: Jus’ Chillin’ (cranberry)

A golden sun in a free-form, Celtic knot-like style. All of the loops remind me of how solar flares are often loop shaped, or so the NASA photos indicate.

I’ve never done this before, but this one is entered twice on different shirt colors as I thought it showed up nicely on both. There’s an additional close-up on my blog.

Thanks for looking!

Might as well have a signature now since I have something to put into it.


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Re: Jus’ Chillin’ (cranberry)

I like it; there's personality

Love mysteries? Want a mix of gay + straight characters? With a bit of Poe? Try my book, darn it ; ) In The Bleak December.

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