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i cant wait for mine to come! i just got my first woot in the mail today this will be my second. i looked at the size chart, mine fits perfect. i am actually in the middle of establishing a seahorse aquarium they are magical , thank you artist, i will wear mine proudly!!!!!!


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Did anyone get theirs yet? Did the print turn out OK?



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Woot, Bring this back!!


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I love the shirt, but I'm so confused.....if there are in fact ANY cats in the original design/drawing, they did NOT get translated into the print on the shirt.....and I thought I just couldn't see them on the product picture because of poor screen resolution....I JUST got the shirt 5 minutes ago and I'm pretty disappointed.....I will keep it because the seahorse alone is what caught my eye, but being told that there was even more detail to the picture than there actually is.....kinda coal to be lied to like this......


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Which one of you who bought this shirt for your kid won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes? I saw it on your son on TV!

x1Moar cat videos!