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Super Effective reminds me of my cat. There is no end to the grief I receive if I dare to offer even slightly stale kibble. And she expects her favorite treats to be mixed in on occasion.


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Get more designs in zip-up hoodies.


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I sooooo want this but wish it was on black! I got the shirt the first time and would wear it more often if it weren't navy I think I'm gonna cut it off the shirt and make it a patch for something else... like a black hoodie LOL


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30 more minutes until end of sale!


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I need a couple of zip up hoodies, but I cannot find any. Is there a simple way to find them? Are they sold out? Will you make more?


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LOVING my "Little Bilby" hoodie - so cosy and awesome design. However, the layers of print don't line up, so there is a bit of a weird effect in one corner, where there seems to be a ghost hovering behind Bilbo.