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dreamaster wrote:I seriously am not trying to be hostile about this - but I hope that woot also takes into account the fact that all the people (like me) that deserted because of the change were not informed AA were back. I lucked out since I have gone a month or two without looking at the site and caught the AA fact, and so far have purchased ten shirts because of it. I did not like the other shirts that were in the mix but would of bought stuff like the cloaking t-shirt, unstealthiest ninja and other gems if they had been up. If all the shirts were of my humor then I would of bought each and every shirt on AA.

And again, if AA is removed from the mix, I will reject woot again, and while my bank account will recover, my determination to not promote woot will remain.

So please, take into account some facts, many of these shirts sold poorly during AA, I bought ten, and no one let me know that woot was going to float the test.


Hey all - I just happened to visit the site this morning and saw a shirt with AA sizing and am only now just starting to read comments to try to figure out what's going on. I too have basically ditched woot since the change to Anvil, so if you guys are switching back to AA or making AA an option, I only just found out about it today. This sounds like a FANTASTIC idea - if I can get shirts on AA blanks again, I'll be back to checking shirt.woot on a daily basis. It was just too sad to see cool designs passing by knowing I'd hate the shirts if I ordered them.


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Given that woot hasn't been selling American Apparel shirts, I practically never visit the site. Looks like I missed this small trial window. That said, given that it seems a possibility that American Apparel could return in the future, is there somewhere I can sign up to get notified of such a transition?

Dear Woot Gods: Please email me if there are AA options in the future. Bye 'til then.