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But that murder is such a good form of carbon capture. Sequester carbon in a personal library today!

Although maybe we should start calling libraries tree tombs. I like that, alliteration is fun.


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I love a tree with a well groomed 'fro.


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What is this book thing people keep referencing? Some new fad I don't understand?


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007gorilla wrote:Are you CRAZY!!! Books are Super GREEN.
The more books there are the more trees they plant. Just like corn it is a renewable crop. TEE SHIRTS ARE MURDER!!
How about all that slugs and chemical waste being dumped into the central american rivers making your tee shirts.
Manufactured In: Honduras/Nicaragua
Not to mention the child labor making them.
A BOOK is the greenest product on earth!!

...I'm pretty sure that's the joke. I think it's supposed to be satirical.


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kattotang wrote:...I'm pretty sure that's the joke. I think it's supposed to be satirical.

"O" now I get it!!!


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Like some of the others have said, I think it'd be better without the disclaimer. Just "books are murder" sounds funny and satirical, but the stuff about the ebook association makes it seem sort of political or something. (Not to mention I hate ebooks, but I understand why some people prefer them.)


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