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czardastx wrote:I see this and all I can think is that the artist could have tried to be original rather than rip off a design that I grew up with. This is just a poorly executed copy of the Looney Tunes end of cartoon logo.

That's All Folks

Then this one certainly sent you over the edge. One of my fav Woot Shirts


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morpheus282 wrote:I disagree with the description. The best thing to spill on this would be something almost but not quite entirely unlike tea.

I was about to post the same thing


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{side note - I almost didn't leave this comment just because there were already a nice round 42 comments - seemed almost too poetic to change.... almost)

Why is it that I consider The Ultimate Answer in Ascii a neat shirt (just bought one), but this shirt design I consider almost vulgar? I mean, it is not like either is not derivative of another piece of art, and TUAiA is about as (un)subtle as So Long... but for some reason this one just seems too forced.

But if you ordered one for yourself, well "it looks good on you, though..."


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I decided this shirt wasn't a good choice, when heading to Hospice, last night. One of the Grim Reaper t-shirts would have been perfect, though.


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So is the tote sold out or what? Still never seen it for sale or does it come with the shirt?


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shockwave25 wrote:So is the tote sold out or what? Still never seen it for sale or does it come with the shirt?

So sorry, that was only available on the launch day of the design.