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taternuggets wrote:Wowzer Fishbiscuit! Grats on the huge numbers! That will shut the haters up. Well, probably not... but now they can be all steamed that so many people don't agree with them.

Just under 19.6:1 sales to vote count - I think that's a record! Not that I've really been keeping track or anything...

Equally high are the first timers (559), who now have voting privileges to vote on more Fishbiscuit designs in the future.

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crazy good sales, FB5--CONGRATS!


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oooooooops sorry guys you're right I should only lavish praise on people because they're real people with real people hearts



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This is so cool!!


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Guess what day it is? Yay and I'm wearing my new shirt


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Wish there were more color options! Like purple? ^_^


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I NEEEEEEEED this to become a zip hoodie. Willing to do bad things to make it happen.