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It's a toss up between the insurance agency through my employer, and the grocery store up the street from where I use to live.

Did I have a worse time being hours on the phone only to be given the run around (that I am thankful for a wife who was able to cut through their outlandish paperwork)...

Or was it the grocery store that had cashiers who always acted like you were burdening them with--oh I don't know--actually working rather than just sitting around gossiping about their fellow employees. I actually ended up driving to another store entirely to avoid that experience again.


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I agree with everyone who said insurance companies. Also, hospital billing depts are ridiculous! Combine the 2 and you have a nightmare.


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You should get a Mac!


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kbdemers wrote:In-Store Verizon Wireless... The experiences are almost too outlandish to believe but ended in a manager desperately trying to defend their crappy service in-store!
A close second goes to the old Adelphia Cable, but they are gone now.

Yep, verizon.

Didn't happen to me, I just witnessed it.

Woman was mad because the store lost all of her contact information.
She wanted her daughters phone info put on her phone. (not sure of the reason)

She asked...Will that erase my information?

Store: No

So they did it. And her info was gone.

I listened as the service guy brought in all sorts of managers and other people to tell her it wasn't erased. It was overwritten.
Totally different.

Where's Trollface Hiding???????

The info was gone and they were defending it because in tech terms erased isn't the same as overwritten!

No consideration that to a lay person, she had asked if her info would be safe.

Then they kicked her out for cursing! After 20 minutes of verizon defending the lost of the info.

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Worst customer service experience was with my health insurance trying to get authorization for a medication. Got tossed around their departments on hold for 2 hours (once getting put on hold for what I think would have been forever but I hung up). Finally after 2 hours I got talking to the correct person who told me they have not reviewed my case. I knew she was lying because I had a letter that my doctor was sent saying I was authorized (yet I could not get it to go through the pharmacy). Eventually I got so mad I had the lady read me every single piece of information she had on me and she read that it had been authorized. When I told her she just said it was authorized she denied it. Finally got a temporary authorization from the lady (because I was full on yelling at her) and got full authorization after my doctor called later.