TobiasAmaranth wrote: Japanese, same symbol. But I'll certainly concede that it could be aiming for a Chinese reference as well.

Yeah, Kanji uses traditional Chinese characters mixed in. (And actually, Korea used to write in it as well -- Hanja.) But I'm pretty sure they were going for Chinese here, a mix doesn't really make sense for this design imo?

(fwiw, I'm an ABC, grew up in a Chinese-speaking household and went to Chinese school, so I'm not just some random person claiming I know these characters ._.)

sharyna wrote:THANK YOU! I was wondering when someone was going to point that out, for example how the first part of "dragon" has strokes that are doing > instead of = for some reason.

There are cases when = is written more like > in 月, usually in certain fonts, but it tends to be because of the moon/meat thing (though I agree that it's a bit extreme here >_>). If we're being realllly picky, I could say a few things about the stroke order and the spacing, but the artist clearly put effort into making them look like brush strokes and it's clearly legible, so it's fine by me... Honestly, I'm just happy they used traditional characters instead of simplified ones, so \o/