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marceepauff wrote:BBC code should show up when you reply to my PM... just copy/paste whatever's between the *****'s.

I figured that out, obviously a little on the late side. I needed to click one more link for it to work on my end. I'm special, in addition to being pretty narcissistic.


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Just so everyone knows, signatures are working now


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Narfcake wrote:

(* - Wore your wonderfully positive What Goes Around Comes Around on Creme AA last week.)

Thanks for posting that Narf- I had not seen that shirt before- Spirit- I am going to have to get that for my wife! Love it.


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MBTI NF's represent!

So, was that a total lie, or did the copywriter mean that the overall "feel" of the group is ENFP, or do you actually have a majority of ENFP's over there? Or was it a total lie....


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Lots of good designs this derby! I want several that are definitely not going to make it to print. Especially the "i'm not crazy..." one. It might do better if on a colored shirt, not white.


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Late entry, but oh, well.
Check it out. Thanks.