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It could kind of work with this:

Eat, Drink and Be


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tbase wrote:Until I enlarged it, I kept trying to figure out what "Eat Drink and Conan O'Brien" was supposed to mean. Guess it's the red ink.

That is exactly what I thought as well!


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Woot and some of the artists have been scraping the barrel for t-shirt designs, lately. Just another reason I will NEVER fall for the randoms, when Woot offers.


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Eat, drink and Conan O'Brian?


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Yes. Just...yes.


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peepinmofo wrote:Just an FYI, I think the expression in Bill and Ted is "Be Excellent to each other", not "be awesome".

So no, bea arthur would not work in that scenario. Unless Im wrong, which does happen from time to time.

YES you are 100% CORRECT .. it is BE EXCELLENT to eachother!


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Awesome, the shirt I will wear on groundhog's day in Woodstock IL


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Eat, Drink, and be Murray !!


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Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

If you'd like to keep up with my creative efforts, please connect with me via:

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Don't drive angry!


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Eat, Drink and John Belushi (RIP). I don't get it...


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Just a little FYI for anyone who thinks stuff:

1.) That's not a picture of a guy's face while BM-ing.
2.) That's not John Belushi.
There are one or two other things it's also not, but they escape me at the moment.

Also see: "Eat, Drink and be: "

Hope that clears up any confusion!

Petey Thaseatesmyne


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