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dacrete wrote:Great one for a yarn tote.

I'd love to order a couple of the totes as gifts, but they appear to be sold out. Is there a way to request them back in stock?


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Moribund wrote:That's where I am.... I like the idea, and would totally get it as a project bag, but... that's not how you yarn! If you held your knitting needles like that, everything would fall off. Not to mention that there aren't nearly enough stitches on the needles for the size critter....

Yes, but cats are best at ruining your knitting, so this actually works for me. Or do I have the only two cats that do this? One tries to remove the needles for chewing, the other tries to take the balls for snuggling (despite what might be attached).


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the eyes, the eyessss!


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Sweet Thang is a knitter so she loves the knitting themed shirts. This one didn't disappoint, good design. Woot is a great source for these unique styles, her favorite is still the knitting bunny family mittens shirt from about 3 years ago.