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FrostByte wrote:Please, please, please let this mean we have a new .woot coming!

Funny you say that, I actually emailed Woot requesting a "Beer Woot" a few days ago. I couldn't help but wonder if this might be a feeler for it. I suggested beer/homebrewing/anything beer woot. There's a wine woot, why not beer? Let's hope.


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Helles bier, Belgian beer sucks


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ihopethisnameisavailable wrote:Whiskey until you can't taste the beer, then whatever. Usually more whiskey though, honestly.

What ihopethisnameisavailable said. Whiskey all the way.


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Meh, depends if it's more of a red/amber, brown or IPA day. Sometimes a saison hits the spot. Other times, a nice deep Scotch ale, a crisp pilsner or a fruity strawberry goodness feels more appropriate.


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circusninja wrote:I prefer the beer of a root variety. IBC Rootbeer or Barq's Rootbeer.



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Barley Wine...


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xtobiasx wrote:What's wrong with the Pilsner?

They lack flavor. They are often mass produced. They include ingredients that were never intended to be in beer (corn syrup? rice? really?). Need I go on?


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I thought I didn't like beer until I had GOOD beer. Most US domestics are piss water. Now I can say I really like beer. But only good beer. I am now a beer snob.


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Bock !!


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Cold is good.

Free is better.

Cold and free is best.


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I am a whiskey man but I do enjoy Scotch Ales and Cream Ales.


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fossa4 wrote:Being underage, I have only had a sip of a bad IPA, which happened to be a bad bottle. However, while this may not count I have brewed several batches of ginger beer. I would recommend it highly to anyone who doesn't like "real" beer. My personal favorite store bought brand is Reed's Jamaican style ginger beer

I personally find most IPAs bad, though I keep giving different ones a chance to see if they can change my mind. The Reed's on the other hand is awesome and I especially love the extra ginger version since it has a nice bite to it. Unfortunately it is usually overpriced at stores near me that carry it. I can buy it for half the price at stores that are much farther away from me. The spiced apple is rather tasty also.

Back to the poll options, I voted Belgian Abbey, but I really should have picked another style since it more depends on my mood and I have other types more often. Lately for commercial beers I've been enjoying Maibocks, honey Bocks, and Saisons. Also what is left of my homebrewed Brown Ale, India Dark Ale and Autumn Ale.