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Re: How to make an electric mouse

4th place sucks! I really wanted this too...


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Love it!!!


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Amazing Makes me go want to play Zelda...Hope this wins!!!


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Darn it! I'm sad Wrong Droid didn't make the top 3. Maybe there's still a chance with this week's double take derby?


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DARN! I was so hoping for WRONG DROID this morning. Would have been perfect for several Christmas gifts. Oh well, guess I have to look elsewhere for those.

Spiritgreen, let us know if it prints somewhere else, please.



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Re: Wrong Droid (2.0)

Thanks for posting about this design, pixgeeks.

And thanks Radscoolian, vincannis and stogieman for rooting for this one. Considering I lost four days of votes, it nearly made it! Hopefully Woot will consider giving it a second chance.


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NOOOOO THIS SHIRT WAS SO CUTE!!!! The ones I like never get chosen

Also, ramyb, I love your shirts :D


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Re: 7 deadly sins at the palace

I want this. For myself and for my 2 boys.


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Re: Por-tail

I want this!!!


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Re: Por-tail



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Re: It's inevitable (please revote!!!)

Want. Genius.

Jenner 1 - 0 Wakefield


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TonyGreyfox wrote:Oy, again with the penguins!
... I think I need to come up with a recipe for penguin stir-fry.

That would make a funny shirt in itself.


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love this! are you going to have it made somewhere else? Because I would love to get one to give for christmas!


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Re: This is a Space Ermine

Good lord this is adorable. You are definitely my favorite artist on this site. I love the originality your designs have and i cant wait to buy one of your designs. :3

P.S. keep it up with the ermines, they'll come around. And i'll be right there to get one when they do.


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qwasdfz wrote:i'm sorry but i absolutely despise this shirt. A random shirt with cute animals just throwing portals in there. I was hoping any portal jokes would be intelligent instead of fuzzy animals deciding they have the brain capacity to mess with a portal machine. Thank You.

Now now, don't be rude. And this quote is exactly copy/pasted off of fablefires design. Which just kind of confirms to me that you got in a huff and went around spamming talented designers with your hate mail. so stop it. Just stop it. bad boy.


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Re: I Can Has Mewtant?

This looks fanTASTIC. I am really enjoying your art style and the clever quips in the comments. Definitely keep up the good work. And i like this one a lot, i just wish it didn't remind me of so many impending "sad" moments from various B- sci-fi movies.


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Re: I love it, must have it D:Portal Testing


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LoreHera wrote:The Text reads:

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from the Doctor

Fixed points can’t be stopped.
- But they can be tricked.

You are not alone.
- But you might wish you were.

Going away is good.
- Not coming back is better.

When you are still cooking, you need food.
- I recommend fish fingers and custard.

I now look at a screwdriver and think "this could be more sonic."
- Tapping it against something to make noise does not count.

All important things are blue
- Especially the stabilizers.

Never go to London on Christmas
- No, seriously, I mean it.

- Just run.

When you are given just one chance, take it.
- Would you rather have THE Library to yourself, or be the family of the Blood?

Bow ties are cool.
- As are Stetsons and Fezzes.

Brilliant things come to those who wait.
- We’re talking years, here.

- Geronimo!

Don’t Blink.
- The Angels Have The Phone box.

If you think that you are forgetting something, you probably are.
- Kill it on sight.

Count the Shadows.
- Or be saved.

Always bring a Banana to a party.
- Though an apple can prove your point, and vegetables are lapel garnish.

Almost every species has an irrational fear of the dark.
- Vashta Nerada, Weeping Angels - They're wrong. Because it's not irrational.

Trock On.
- Chameleon Circuit rocks!

There are certain constants in the universe.
- The Daleks, The Doctor, The Master, The Cybermen.

There are a few more I wanted to add, so they might get their own entries. ENJOY!

Hey, is it possible for you to get this printed as either a shirt and/or a regular print for me, once it's free to be used again? I love the idea behind this design, and the only change I'd make would be to the last one:

"There are certain constants in the universe.
- The Cybermen, The Daleks, The Master, and more importantly, The Doctor."

Please let me know how it goes!

Does anybody have a in MXL and/or in MXXL that they don't want and/or need to sell? I would LOVE to buy it from you! I am currently offering $40+S&H for either one new, and $20-30+S&H for either one used! Please contact me ASAP, thanks!
B. D. Walton


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maryborn wrote:My first submission ever on this site was disallowed, but I'm not discouraged! This is my second submission which was inspired by my most recent obsession with "Skyward Sword." I thought it would be cute if Link were reincarnated in the "Star Wars" era using "Windwaker" style.

So I present, Link Skywalker!

Wish me luck!

Did this ever get printed looks awesome BTW


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Can I get one?