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shroud2 wrote:Sounds more like you got a ticket for speeding. 81 > 75

For six over, in the state that didn't even have a set (daytime) speed limit for a few years? He got a ticket for having out of state plates. :-P My guess is it was a local cop trolling the interstate, rather than MHP, but who knows...

And to the "ZOMG Mt. Rushmore isn't in Montana!!!!11!!1!" people, oblivious to South Dakota's caption:


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As un thrilled as I am about this design, I sat here for a good 3 minutes trying to decide if I should buy one anyway in AA just to encourage you to keep offering them.


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Pretty cool. Congrats on the win Apelad, one little gag and about Mount Rushmore, and you've managed to generate over 160 comments.


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jmhatfield07 wrote:Seriously, Montana has Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks...Yogi the bear joke would have been appropriate maybe. Needless to say, Montana does have notable things. Hello, Yellowstone National Park is pretty much a giant super volcano!

Okay I'm late to this kerfuffle over Montana claiming Mt. Rushmore but here we have the extra layer of funny: Montana does often claim Yellowstone which does make Wyoming go "Hey!" all. the. time.

Well maybe it's just me who goes "hey!" every time. Hmm. Anyway. A thin strip of Yellowstone does lie in Montana and a thinner strip in Idaho, but all of the major features you go to see (geysers, falls, lakes, canyons) are in Wyoming.

I feel better now, thanks!


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Montana also has the Little Big Horn. It also could have said "Big Sky...whatever that means"


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Obviously Louisiana was not amused by the lack of something to call our own so no one bought any shirts.

Lessee...swamps, bayous, crawfish, gators, Cajuns, gumbo, French everything, etc, etc....


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Harui wrote:Arkansas has a crater? I did not know this. I only knew of the one in Arizona (which I've been to). >_>

Arkansas has Crater of Diamonds State Park, which is really not the same as a crater. It looks like the artist didn't research this one very well. It's the diamonds that are significant (there's even one on the state flag), not the "crater," which these days is a plowed-up field of dirt.


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palaguin wrote:It also could have said "Big Sky...whatever that means"

LOL. If you ever go to Big Hole National Battlefield, you'll understand what Big Sky means. However, that would have been a good caption.


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I do like the arrogance of California. Captures the state well.


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Way late to the party but this needs to be available on a tote bag, for those of us who just don't wear printed T shirts but who totally love this quirky map!

I would carry things in a Land of Splendor and Corn tote bag for the rest of my life, if I had one (or two or three).

Really, I'm not blue, I don't have a ratty beard, and I NEVER wear pink.