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SnowQueenVT wrote:Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday
demonsndynamite! Happy Birthday to you!

Thank you!


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First one in this Derby that I'd really want to buy and wear. +1!


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I don't know why this one's not higher up... In my opinion it's way more clever (and the graphic looks better) than the AC/DC shirt that's in the top 9.


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VIIIofXIII wrote:So this is either an old design being desperately twisted in an attempt to fit the theme, or you actually confused "hydra" with the prefix "hydro" and thought that the Hydra had anything at all to do with water.

I'm not sure which option is worse.

Wow, I didn't until just now realize I was getting the Hydra mixed up with the Scylla, which was the dog-headed sea monster. Since there's no band named "Scylla" and that is clearly not a Hydra, this design is off topic and should be rejected as such.


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Re: A Distinct Possibility

Okay, so, this will sound stupid... But I don't understand this shirt. Someone care to enlighten me?


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Re: Queen

text :-( I like i though

I have 2 favorite baseball teams. the Red Sox and ANYONE who beats the Yankees!!!!!!!


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paigeg wrote:Ok, so I'm one of the creepy ones. Love it, and I would definitely wear it!

Thank you for your vote. Hopeful one day it may print and I'll hit you up.

Thank you again,


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Re: Dead Can Dance

Regardless of the band, or one's musical taste, this is the best entry for this derby. I was hoping for some more interesting entries for this derby along the lines of this artist's talent. Thanks for stepping up and delivering a great candidate.


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Re: LED Zeppelin

Now that is a truly original reinterpretation of a band name. Love the idea. Surprised there aren't more Zep submits too. GMV.


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kissafrog wrote:So sorry to see this didn't get more votes. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the encouraging words, it was a pretty late submit anyway.


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jjhatch wrote:Okay, so, this will sound stupid... But I don't understand this shirt. Someone care to enlighten me?

I'm with you, but the better question is who has ever heard of this band?


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Re: My Chemical Romance

Noooooo!! I loved this shirt, and it's WAY better than the "similar" one


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Re: Paisley

I can't believe this one isn't further up in the vote count. I really like this one!


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Re: The White Stripes

This totally reminds me of the flag for Washington, DC. Not a bag thing mind you, but I think it's kinda funny that's what I think when I see this shirt.


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jjhatch wrote:Okay, so, this will sound stupid... But I don't understand this shirt. Someone care to enlighten me?


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Re: Sublime

Love it!


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Re: Squeeze

Very disappointed to not see this in the fog and unable to place. One of two shirts I was looking forward to buying this weekend. Hopefully it'll get an HM and win a second-chance derby someday.


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albinoapple wrote:I don't understand why someone would want to wear this shirt. It has no aesthetic value to me. It's just... an icecube on a shirt.



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Re: lifehouse

My favorite this derby, actually the only design I like at all. Sorry you didn't have a chance.


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Man, I want this shirt...



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Re: A Distinct Possibility

If I were the artist, I'd find an online wall poster site (something like Cafe Press) and make this into a poster for sale online. You might make more money there than on Woot. There's probably an online Don Quixote community out there you could advertise it on and make a lot of sales.

If I were Woot I'd think about getting in the wall poster business just for stuff like this. *hint* It's a lot cheaper to make and inventory printed paper than printed shirts.


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Re: Hydra

i could see where he might have gotten confused thinking a multi-headed serpent meant that the Hydra was one with the sea....ok not really.

1. the heads ranged from 5 to however many were chopped off and multiplied. i can sort of see how simplicity being his first priority that he cut down on the number of heads, but they don't look attached to each other.

2. it lived in a swamp, in a cave. do swamps have such waves and do people think its fun to take a boat/sailboat out in them? when was a swamp ever pretty blues?

3. the majority of its victims were livestock and villagers when it left its cave. why would anybody be on a boat when they know the Hydra is there? even Hercules wasn't fighting it on a boat. not to mention the poison within the Hydra's blood and the deadly odor of its breath...


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Re: A-ha

Tooooo cute =)


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I don't even really like this shirt but if it wins I will buy one.

Obligatory Aquabats song lyric quote.

When I was a little man Playdough came in a little can I was Star Wars' biggest fan Now I'm stuck without a plan GI Joe was an action man Shaggy drove the mystery van Devo was my favorite band Take me back to my happy land


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snowqueenvt - Wow, really, I had never heard of that before. Thank you so much, that's a sweet thing to say I'll always remember that now.


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I like it.


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that's dumb, that "original" shirt was garbage.


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Re: Arctic Monkeys

love the Band and the Design. Nice job.


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What is that black spot on the bottom of his foot? Maybe it is something obvious, but that is what my eye is drawn to and I can't figure out what it is.


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jmmbell1987 wrote:You're missing the obvious difference: this was rejected in its previous derby, and woot has set a precedent for allowing previous rejects a second chance at life.

It's not the same as Ramy's do-overs, because this never had a chance to compete before. As a previous reject, it might as well have never competed.

Ramyb's do-overs are designs that had their chance to compete, didn't print, and he's recycled them.

Drakxxx has done nothing that woot hasn't set a precedent for already. And, frankly, he's hardly built a reputation for skirting rules. The same can't be said for Ramyb. That is partially due to Ramy's own frequent paying lip-service to rules, and partially due to woot's own woeful rule enforcement, but there you go.

I didn't realize they allowed previous submissions if they've been rejected before, it thought it was for any. Also I wasn't aware your example was a re-sub, I didn't care for it so didn't really follow it or any posts on it. I didn't recall seeing it before that derby, but that was a while ago and I guess it had been rejected. So for re-subbing with no changes makes sense and I did miss that difference.

You are also missing my point. What I didn't miss is that certain people go to no end to complain about resubmissions when it's a particular designer they are bias against. Some have said that NO resubmissions should be allowed at all by anybody (you know who you are), yet stay hush when it's a designer they like. They have gone as far as to call it a cop out, lazy, and the result of lack of creativity. Personally I don't care if people resubmit something and don't agree with those who are against it, but I do find it funny that people who complain about it only do so when they want to flame a designer and are standing on a soap box, not just Ramyb as he's just the obvious example.

I'm not pointing fingers at you, but you know I am right or you just don't pay attention. I pretty sure it's not because you don't pay attention. You are actually one of the few people that when I disagree with you, I can have a real discussion with, without getting attitude. I just wanted to point out to the guilty parties how they can be quite transparent and hypocritical... who I'm sure are dying to hold back a response or haven't gotten a chance to yet.

In no way does this reflect anything against Drakxx. Just want to point that I do consider him to be one of the most original and best designers on here even tho it's not my personal style and taste. I can and do still appreciate and enjoy his submissions every week and they he should beat the pants off of chibli blech.

*sorry for the long winded response


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Re: Jonas Brothers

Jonah != Jonas

(Unofficial) Derby Rules (outdated?)
Designing for the Derby (definitely outdated)
Tips for New Designers (always useful)


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SnowQueenVT wrote:OK, Wow, I just checked out all the music you posted here. These guys are intense.I love what I heard and what I saw, well, they are deep, and give you plenty to think about! They are intense and they rock and I am going to check them out from now on, thanks so much for posting these links and yes this shirt perfectly represents the band and I hope they get the opportunity to see or get their own Draxxx Alice in chains shirt!

I have to say I really like the new album "Black Gives Way to Blue". The more you listen, the more their music seems melodic and enduring. I would suggest "Private Hell" "Acid Bubble" and the title track from the album.



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Re: The White Stripes

I love this on so many levels.


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anarchyvirus wrote:Once again woot tags the only shirt i would buy.

Meh. I was so excited about this one too.


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paigeg wrote:Thanks, I had two:
I was happy my stuff got as many votes as it did. Not a bad start to my mind.

Yours look great!! I love the Deaf Leopard! You have my votes.


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I don't even really like the White Stripes all that much, but I'd wear this shirt. Nice work!


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BML0579 wrote:Busted? You be the judge.

A/C Unit

I thought it looked familiar. I have one just like it sitting in my back yard. :0

(GASP!) How dare (s)he make the drawing look like what(s)he was drawing!

Adrian S Jones


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kushalm wrote:I couldn't be arsed counting but are there actually 182 eyes on there? If yes, then hats off to ya

Yes, and no.

There are 181 smaller eyes making the constructed eye the 182nd. ;p