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Re: Sour Fruit

Excellent shading & colors. Pun shirts FTW.


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thatquietgir1 wrote:I like it. I always wonder about font usage-- with a design like this it looks like "Grumpy (go away)" would be hand written since it slants across the name tag. The font you chose is definitely in a hand written style but is still noticeably a font-- In making my own designs I always wonder if it bothers people when I use my own hand writing as opposed to a font created based on handwriting. In a situation like this it would technically look more true to life with variation among letters, but to the eye on a t-shirt it might look best as a font. This isn't criticism but curiosity about how you decide when and what fonts to use vs. using your own handwriting.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time doing a handwritten version just for that reason, but ultimately decided my handwriting looked like garbage and went with a font to keep the design clean looking. I have used my own handwriting in designs when the text isn't such a focal point. It just didn't look good on this one.


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Re: Annoying alarm puzzle

Just curious - why is it on a lemon shirt, when the design is silver. Why not just put it on a silver shirt? People would much rather buy a shirt where the design and the shirt color match. In the future, you probably could rack up more votes with a design that is the same color as the shirt.


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I need this for a sick friend. Preferably as a sleeveless T or tanktop.

Re: Grumpy Unicorn


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Vader5 wrote:I need this for a sick friend. Preferably as a sleeveless T or tanktop.

Cross your fingers with me. Hopefully it prints


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Re: Let It Gogh

definitly for my wife... awesome shirt!


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saintpepsi wrote:I love ya Ann I'll throw it on spread shirt if it fails here

I'd buy it there, too! xoxo


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Can I, for the love of god, buy one of these?????

Let me know would ya?