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so bummed i chose to eat over getting this shirt...ill prob end up picking it up anyway for the $5 premium


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hippie1981 wrote:I had to get this shirt. I loved the game and the game show. But of course now I have the darn theme song stuck in my head from the game show...yeah, i know i loved it. This is making me all nostalgic to go loot my parents software case....for some reason i doubt Carmen Sandiego is compatible with XP though.

Oh no ... There are ways to make it work on XP and even on a Mac ... On my XP machine for the oldest DOS version I use DOSbox ... same on the Mac I use DOSbox ... but newer versions should install/run okay. Plus you can usually find the games online like at ... It's sad that I had to make sure there was a way to keep playing Carmen Sandiego


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Got mine today - wearing it to my HOA board elections tonight. Love it!!