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In a word, fuggly


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funny , or not. it's not bouncing..

You're on probation!

You've been put on posting probation for this post for this reason: Ok, I deleted it 3 times. Do you not get it? (24h) Personal attack/useless post.

Please stare at the scary cartoon dog for 20 hours and then try posting again.


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WarholBot wrote:You guys are harsh. Thanks for the feedback though.

Don't let the bastards get you down, as they say! I love it, and in a departure from my usual habit of buying the shirts I like in pairs for myself, I'll get one for each of my two kids (4 and 6)... they need to stick with it and DRAW MORE!


EDIT: Hmm... I guess "WS" will have to do for the kids... Hah, they'll grow into it!


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To add a positive note (and perhaps confirm some of the criticisms at the same time), I bought in the first hour because this is exactly up daughter's alley. 16.5 years old, artist, into this esthetic -- so it was a no-brainer. She'll wear it to her evening life drawing open studio and all that. But you know, the reason my household buys so many shirt.woot shirts is that there's a range of styles, and they don't try to appeal to everyone all the time.


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Dang Utah'ns I'm ashamed this state is top buyer on this, though with so many little girls to wear it I can see why.


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im assuming all 600 buyers were women? llo


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well popular here or not it was super popular on deviant art with over 20,000 views and 1300 favorites... sooo...ok thanks