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gimetzco wrote:the creation of this design came from a failed project that i was working on for a friend of mine. he wanted something retro. the best era to pull retro from for me is Midcentury (think disney's sleeping beauty era but in print). The stars and shape of the blob in the background are nods to this style, as well as the "cruddy" line work in various places. the limited color use is also a nod to the mid century style.

this project was web based and not initially intended to be a shirt. but when i was finished and the artwork rejected, i decided that it was a good enough to be on a shirt! so here it is.

note: i don't recall ever seeing the Hot Topic Mass produced shirt. believe what you will, though.

I believe you have your answer, mllemeranii


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mllemeranii wrote:I hear you on that, but still. Mass produced. I find that even more iffy than something similar to another dedicated shirt site.

On the other hand, mass produced also means "simple idea". It is rare that a mass produced piece ever was based on a totally awesome, unique concept. It's normally branding and simplicity that doesn't challenge the masses. Since woot has an even simpler base than even hot topic has, it's unsurprising they'd select shirt art for similar reasons.

Also, I personally ignore mass-produced tees. I take note of product tees (bands, retro memorabilia, etc) because they tell me where they fit. I take note of tee shop shirts, like woot or threadless or the like, because they're a collection. But when it comes to generic grunge apcray, or unfunny graphics and slogans, or brands, they all blur to me. It's not to say the two aren't similar, but is to say that there's so much uninteresting clothing out there that it blurs out and fades away. Mass produced by and large becomes all the more forgettable. It's like when you hear a song on the radio that you know, but can't remember the artist or title.

Finally, one depressing truth about woot is that it's rare that an "analog" shirt has ever gotten a tee rejected for "similar shirts". While it's true that derbies and dailies have different rules (for which I am largely grateful), lack of concern for similar shirts not for sale through a website has long been in the woot MO.

That all said, I think we can all agree that this would have been way better if it was Free Kittens


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AdderXYU wrote:free kittens

free kittens is still available...i'll show woot. maybe they'll want it.


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wicked breakfast head

in for three!



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LOL! I love this shirt and i got it today looks great


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lol thats so messed up lol