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Aww Sweet! Now thats a Man's Best Friend. Personally if he had bud and extra beer I would be very happy. He truely is Man's Hero

'Time to Spread my Creativity because its allays 420 in Wayne's World. Yay!'


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I can almost hear the angels in the background.


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kinzoku wrote:I've never seen a more appropriate shirt title.

Watch him as he goes.

The real question is, can he make a Vesper?


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Do dogs go to heaven when they die?


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jel2301 wrote:No olives?

Don't worry, they're on the side of the collar you can't see!


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Woah! When I was a kid, I used to rummage through my mom's comic books, and she had a bunch of Disney ones.

There was one where Donald breaks down in some snowy mountains, and this dog comes trudging by with a bottle around his neck. Donald drinks it, thinking it's booze, and both freak out once they realize it's gasoline for his car.

I don't recall the rest. But this makes me pretty sure I must be missing some back story on this here phenomenon.


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This must be the dog of the Old Spice guy. Or perhaps the "Most Interesting Man in the World" guy from the Dos Equis ads although he doesn't strike me as a dog person.

"Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you."
— Jeremy Clarkson


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why does the mixer have the American Red Cross symbol on it?


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bsmith1 wrote:How would one go about removing items like the martini glass and salt shaker? Are there snaps on there or something?

It's a rescue situation, how often do you need to be rescued? Hopefully only once since you would probably have to cut this mildly expensive custom collar to get stuff out.


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best shirt i've seen in a LONG time, gonna pick one up


i am woot's god.

You're the giant Ken Jennings head? HOW DID YOU GET OUT?


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If you're Korean, you can even eat the dog afterwards... St. Bernards are the #1 choice of dog steak there, I heard...


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This printed beautifully. The sharpest print I've gotten. (Out of 10 shirts)