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glabifrons wrote:Woot... please, please, PLEASE start making baby size shirts or onesies!
This is at least the 4th shirt I would have bought for my 9 month old, but is massively too big!

Buy the smallest. They grow so big so fast anyway. :3


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I am wearing this shirt right now.

And I got like 10 compliments (at least) today at school -- "I like your shirt", etc.


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Did anyone else feel like this print was a little high up on their shirt? I wish it were an inch or two lower, now that I have mine...


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BAD - I got mine yesterday and it was way smaller than my other woot shirts of the same size (WXL)! What happened. Also - there is a discoloration where the printing screen was - a huge box around the graphis that is a shade or two off from the rest of the shirt. I was so excited to get this one too.


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Im jealous you all have gotten yours. Mine shipped on Jan. 6th, had no tracking updates until yesterday the 13th, and its now in Atlanta?!? It took a week to go from dallas to georgia, and now i have to wait another week for it to get to california. I've never had any issues with Smartpost until now.


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finally! i never knew what to wear on my whaaampages!!!


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I don't mean to be a cry baby, and I'm not sure how I missed this, but this is nearly IDENTICAL to a woot shirt design that I submitted a couple of years ago.

I'm guessing I'm basically SOL?

Look what I posted!


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I washed mine, and some of the top green layer has come off to show a white ink below


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I, too, would LOVE this for my almost 1 year old!

Please print baby sizes! (And make them cheaper than $15, too, please! So much less shouldn't cost the same as or more than an adult shirt! That's just plain crazy! The prices for baby clothes are insane!!!! Insane, I tell you!!!)

-Heather (First Burgandy Olfactory Center 12/6/11)


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This shirt rocked my King Kong printed socks right off!


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I buy a lot of the Woot shirts that feature dinos as gifts for a guy friend, and Woot has A LOT of shirts with dinos. This one has become his new fave t-shirt!


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Sad to see this one finally get reckoned.


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i would KILL to get this shirt but i was driving home when i realized it was being reckoned in 15 minutes :[ i didnt make it!but, if anyone has a natural instinct shirt they would like to sell to me, PLEASE let me know!! even if its not my size i will buy it! (probably)