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Re: Into the Frying Pan

this one made me shoot coffee out of my nose... and then cook eggs for breakfast.


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chennai8 wrote:..and egg's legs are good?

Eggs don't have legs. Adding them, no worries. Chickens have legs. They don't bend that way. That's the break.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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Re: Self Serve

ROFL, all the good stuff is in there! Even the color and consistency is right!


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Re: Who Dun It?


Check out my Derby Shirt!


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Re: The One-Upper

This shirt rocks. Great pun.


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Mavyn wrote:Ha!



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Re: Forget Lemonade

I would LOVE to get this shirt!!!


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Re: sushi!

This shirt rocks and the fact that it isn’t in the cloud right now is a travesty.


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j5 wrote:Yeah, no doubt. Women of the male persuasion have no issues here, so rock on with the mushrooms shirt Pre-ops!

Just tryin' to be a little funny while making a point. Some times at my job, I see those people where it's just best to err on the side of caution and not take "sides" as it were by saying "sir" or "ma'am" as you are likely to be wrong.

Anyways, the point being as a guy I can totally see a friend of mine, "Miller" we'll call him, hitting on a woman wearing this shirt by saying, "Hey, nice set of mushrooms you got there."


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ochopika wrote:I bought "censor this" too, and i noticed that it was reckoned already oh well at least i got me one.

One of these shirts will eventually appeal to my momma, maybe one of these food shirts!

And yes I am a chick, and honestly, I rarely wear pink

It wasn't just the whole pink thing...don't get me wrong, that WAS a part of it...but I also just got this vibe from the way you worded things in some of your posts. But sometimes my hunches have been wrong so I try not to assume (we all know what happens when you do that =P haha).

Good luck finding a shirt for ma dukes! I'm sure one she'll like will come along sooner or later... =)

ochopika wrote:Ah I see where that could be confusing. The shadows in the background are meant to be the silhouettes of other pomegranates, but the shadow of the "main character pomegranate" is cast on the ground, rather than the background.

The silhouettes were my solution to balancing the composition using a background that made sense to me, but wasn't too distracting.

Next derby I will try to post the sketch for review in the forums to get some feedback on stuff like that before the derby starts

I like the BG the way it is, but it might have been even cooler if the silhouettes had minimalist outlines of horrified expressions on their faces. Maybe with just "negative space lines" of eyes and mouths...


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blk909 wrote:I love my woot brown shirts, but do not like big or rectangular prints, but I do like your style and abilities so am voting for this shirt.

No more square entries from me. I promise.


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Re: Par-Tea People

This is really cute.


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shellsandoval wrote:So naughty. Reminds me of the Coppertone bottle.

yep! reminds me of it too. the older days....


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Re: The Penitent Ham

Great design, I really hope it wins!


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usopp wrote:i like the concept, but i think it would work better with more x men. pardon me, "eggsmen"

Thanks! I agree, I probably don't have time to resub for this derby but I definitely will work in the other "Eggs-Men". :P Any in particular that's your favorite?


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Re: Cheddar Power

Love this design! Instant buy!


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mattcom wrote:Look at it this way; a portly foreigner prances about a world populated by mushroom people (the mushroom kingdom) of many varieties. there are the mushrooms with arms and legs, which we can safely assume are the "adult" mushrooms of this kingdom due to their size. So where/what are the young? Since mushrooms reproduce asexually there are no male/female mushroom people, the only distinction that can be made is between young and old, small and large. So these small mushrooms are presumably the younger versions of mushroom people, housed in dark and enclosed spaces for maturation (question mark boxes) until the time they can defend themselves.

But what happens? Fatty McMoustache here comes along and CONSUMES THE FLESH OF THE INNOCENT for his own selfish gain (gettin some of that princess action). He rampages across the countryside smashing the brick structures of the mushroom people and stealing their currency leaving a swath of destruction in his wake that both cripples the mushroom kingdom economy and devastates its peoples future survival as a species.

Mario Bros is secretly some messed up stuff.

haha, touché


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Re: Soupuku

this is brilliant


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Re: Cheddar Power

Sweet Design! I'll be watching for this one to print!


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Re: Sour Grapes Of Wraith

I would wear this shirt everywhere, it's just too cool man.


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Excellent. First one that made me laugh.

Re: What would YOU do?


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Re: Oh!

you've gotta lick it, before you stick it.
you've gotta get it soaking wet so we can kick it.


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JadenKale wrote:Not to be a pain, but you may want to see this woot tee: Oh Burned!!!

You know what? I didn't remember that shirt at the time, but I remember it now... I think I entered that derby with something...

I understand if I get rejected, but maybe the rejectionator might give mercy since the marshmallow isn't on fire yet? Hehe

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Re: Misfortune

thats awesome! soo want this to win! looks like your fortune just ran out >:D

"Don't believe in the you who believes in me. Don't believe in the me who believes in you. Believe in the you who believes in yourself."


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nellyville wrote:Those are CRACKERS?!?! i wanted to vote for this but they look like used toilet paper!!

Wouldn't know what used toilet paper really looks like, i don't spend my time looking at it, maybe you should find better things to do with your time as well.


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Re: napoleon!

This is fantastic!


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Hee hee!


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Re: Spaghetti Western

It's to bad they decided to duel, together they could have made a fine meal...

A collaboration between Cheston Otterness and Ross Moreno


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Re: Walrus Sundae

I am no artist but I think if you switch the shirt to white and change the brown over to the Dark Yellow, or one of the other ones, you can make the 6 color limit. Unless your dead set on that shirt color.


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Re: Jackie Lantern

This is my first ever Derby entry, so I'm chuffed with the votes :D This design will be up at my RedBubble site in the next few days:


~ shells

Red Bubble:


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Re: In the Library With the Wrench

Everyone knows it was Mr Body that was the murder victim, not Professor Plum.


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katiebugstars wrote:no brown, orange and black halftone and black and white halftone- I was under the impression that was allowed, only solid colors then?

Ah ok ... clever :-)


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Re: Scrumptious

Getting ready for my fourth summer as a counselor at a girl scout camp and this is right up my alley! Also, reminds me of the Aadams Family when Wednesday and Pugsley are trying to sell lemonade and they ask the Girl Scout that stops by if her cookies are made with real Girl Scouts. Classic!


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Re: Doughnut Lobotomy

Really liked this design like most of your designs patrick...except for the text. I thought it was just the title for the design, but not actually in the design until I looked closer. I would like to get this one, but if the text is printed along with the rest of the design, I'll think twice about it.


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Volunteer Moderator

teacookie wrote:like it. differnt colors on the gummies would of been nice red and orange are making it hard for me to look at it.

Well, with just 6 colors to work with, compromises must be made.

At least they weren't green gummy bears ... because then all of them should be dead.

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Re: I am a grapefruit

I think this is absolutely charming!


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Re: Pomegranate Problem

The redness of it all looks great against that background color. Also: kinda scary. I like it +1


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Re: Spaghetti Western

Excellent character design +1


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Re: I´m half the apple I used to be...

simple and effective design, nice pattern formed by apple and texture is excellent. Colors are well chosen +1


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