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My parents never let me get ice cream from the ice cream truck. I'll have to call and thank them now.


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I love it! But light blue, the one color I don't wear! .... can't order it


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Our ice cream trucks always play the theme to the movie The Sting.



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I bet I could eat that whole ice cream truck.
It's so sad to see good ice cream go to waste. =[


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This is so coold!


quality posts: 13 Private Messages foxbite

Salvadore Dali would be both proud and hungry.


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In Florida, this is what's happening to everything, ice cream trucks included.

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If Banksy & Borgore had a child


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Assassin15 wrote:In Florida, this is what's happening to everything, ice cream trucks included.

same with SC :/

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What Bindle of Carrots?


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represent MA! I would buy it, but I dont see myself ever wearing it. haha. gotta love the summer!


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The only thing that could make this better would be a melting Good Humor man... but it's a fine line between fun and horror. :D

Sweet work, Kevin!


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The ice cream truck in my neighborhood is annoying and creepy, so this shirt gives me a sick sense of satisfaction.


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It was 101 degrees at 6:00pm this evening. Perfect shirt for Texas. (Yes, I admit to eating a Klondike bar at lunch today following an iced caramel mocha).


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bnbsouthworth wrote:I was looking more at the ghost on the windshield.

For me it's the rear tire with the "bleeding" mouth and right eye...

There are spooky faces all over this thing!

RAMPage Soccer for your iPad


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rom wrote:not really digging the "ice cream" font on the truck's side. It looks like the font bundled with Windows.

Agreed. The Reckoning page says this only sold 16 shirts earining the weekly 'worst seller' award. I would be in for 2 (me and my son) but this thing is ruined by the writing on the side. Do we really need to see the words "ICE CREAM" to understand the concept? I love woot's policy of 'no text' for derby entires, this one needs some editing.

I just keep buying more and more crap...


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Very cool (i mean hot) graphic! Can't wait to wear it at this weekends grad party. I know it will get tons of "cool shirt" comments!



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I love this shirt. Just ordered it. It reminds me of being a kid.