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elthewolfesq wrote:I think so too. Here's why:

I thought it looked familiar! The question is, are the changes enough to be considered "significantly changed" ? The design has been improved Graff, it doesn't feel so cramped, and the font/italic variations add some variety. But, it doesn't really seem all that significantly different from the past submission to me.


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elthewolfesq wrote:I think so too. Here's why:

but I wanted it the first time and I still want it now.

Typography/design is superior this time around, imo.

Like the idea, but the theme behind the trivia seems kind of erratic. Goes from character insights to facts about the author, from contemporary trivia to modern interpretations, from historical precedents to theater superstition, etc. I think I'd like it more if the scope was more focused.


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Re: Who Are You?

Sure to be an episode in series seven.


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taternuggets wrote:

Collaboration between myself and Ignorant. With a nod to Jeus for fleshing out the idea. ;)

4 colors on slate.

thanks for the nod, it turned out well, gmv!

Woot...where random used to happen.


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AdderXYU wrote:Besides this being an incredibly weak interpretation of parody (either M-W needs better editors, or you simply cherrypicked the concept you preferred), it really doesn't matter. Woot said, very simply, NO COPYRIGHTED CHARACTERS. That should mean that, even if this is a parody, it should be rejected. Harry Potter was a book before a movie, and the cover of every book depicts him basically this very way. Presumably the art is just as copyrighted as the books are. Same with the Dr. Seuss debauchery. In this tee alone, there are eleven books worth of characters, all under copyright, being represented. Given the rules woot posted, neither tee has a right to win.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that is the definitive definition (redundant?) of "parody." I had first done a search in Google using "define: parody" that I actually thought was more fitting, but decided to use something with more credibility. The Dr. Seuss-based submission definitely falls under the category of a parody as well.

IF, however, Woot's rule on "no copyrighted characters" is to be taken at face value and not the always implied (as far as I have ever seen in the rejections at least) unless parodied, THEN yes, you are correct. However, based on the language used ("Obviously..."), I would assume that they meant it to be interpreted as is the general custom in these derbies.

I suppose one's choice in design comes down to how literally you think Woot will/should enforce their rule.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other user(s). Please keep in mind that these are only opinions and should not be inherently considered as factual statements. Thank you.


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chunkydesign wrote:I really like this, both for the concept and the style of illustration. My only doubt is how this will look if printed in just one color, with all this detail and tonal range.

I'm not sure why it would look any different than it does when on the screen in just one color. The detail and tonal range doesn't come from multiple colors in this case, but from the line width, spacing, and variety. Just my thoughts.


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Re: Speed Reader

Love it!! Very clever.


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marzipanapple wrote:Hehehee, I like the book title there.
Cute munchy face on the worm too.



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Re: Reading Rainbow

Good start CM. Some things you might think about to improve your design:

- White shirts tend to not to well in derbies, consider using a different color. Sky blue would work well, considering ti's a rainbow.

- Are those gradients? Gradients aren't printable, and if you're using halftones it's good to show a closeup, or post one in your first comment, so voters can get a feel for what your halftones will be like.

- Rainbows work well with solid colors (check out Tjost's rainbow entry in this derby for an example), I'd suggest picking your six colors and doing solid color bars on the rainbow. You can always make the book the same color as one of your bars to give you more freedom (like dark blue).


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runnerfrog13 wrote:Good start CM.

Oops! read those ww too fast and got CM instead of CW, sorry!


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marzipanapple wrote:Well, that's one way to see it! ;)

Thanks everyone so far! It felt great finishing something. I'm never too good for a helpful critique, though, so lay it on me if you have one or two.

Hahaha! Now that I don't have a squirmy baby in my arms distracting me, this shirt is even more awesome!! She's commanding the monster in the cauldron! It's so unfair that this shirt doesn't have more votes. Boo! I hope it gets picked as an Editor's Favorite. I would buy this in a heartbeat.


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jimwel wrote:J.K. Rowling must enjoy stargazing...

She also enjoys Lord of the Rings, but that's another shirt entirely.


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Re: Literary fail

I'd send postcards of this to all of my high school English teachers. along with a copy of the comments thread, lol


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trmnshwrx wrote:See!? This is exactly what Abe Lincoln was warning us against when he said "The problem with the Internet is that quotes are not always correctly attributed."

Abraham Lincoln was way ahead of his time (the 1950s).


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gwyn779 wrote:I feel that without the shirt title, this would cause a great many people to simply think the person wearing it is an human. Don't get me wrong, it's hilarious, but maybe just takes too long to get on its own for a shirt.

I'll assume the bot changed it to read "human". It takes a lot less than a shirt to convince me someone's an human.


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What am I missing?


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ttctkam wrote:What am I missing?

Its from a famous line in "The Great Gatsby." The line is from Gatsby talking about a green light he sees. The green light a meaingful symbol in the book.


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Re: The Classics

I didn't realize there were title spoofs on the labels at firt. And then I laughed my head off at "Tequila Mockingbird."


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Re: A Grimm Tale

That candle makes me nervous. Where's the parenting? gmv!

Nothing follows.


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Re: Roland's Quest

I would buy several of these. Amazing books!

Long days and pleasant nights

"Show me potato salad!"


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I love it. I just wish it printed on a dark color instead of white. (Give it more of a dark bar type look to it)

Re: The Classics


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crevelingma wrote:Since Clemons never made it East before age 14 when Poe was already stark raven mad on his death bed...I think it's safe to say that never the Twain shall meet. Mathematical note: Hamlet's contribution to algebra... Sqrt(4b^2) aka +-2b...(2b or not 2b.

Hamlet's contributions also extend into boolean algebra:
2b + (2b)' = 1

And computer science:
return true
return false


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Re: Token of Shame

I love this Hester Prynn!


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Re: This Story never ends (with text)

I think the problem is the image itself. It appears to be an exact copy of the emblem, which is probably copyrighted.


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As I hobbiest writer this encapsulates writing to me. Love it.

Re: A Grimm Tale


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epicfal wrote:I didn't realize there were title spoofs on the labels at firt. And then I laughed my head off at "Tequila Mockingbird."

Yes, there is "Tequila Mockingbird," "The Rum Also Rises," "A Farewell to Amaretto," and "Gone With The Gin," with Today's Special "Last of the Mojitos."


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Re: Shelf Life

Is the yellow duck "Ping"? I loved that book!


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Re: Before it was cool

But then it got popular. Now it's just okay...


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Re: Shelf Life

Thanks again to everyone for voting this into the fog, the response has been a great surprise. As you said Narfcake,two days into the derby made it harder, but voters managed to get it there in about 24 hours.
I'm humbled by the comments too. People are discovering things that I did not think would be noticed, so I'm glad that it resonates with so many.

Thinaeariel wrote:So I'm pretty sure I'm correct in assuming that's the Golden Compass there? I must know!

You must be refering to the alethiometer. Now you know.

laggyg wrote:but I was really hoping for a mouse or badger or rabbit weilding a weapon somewhere when I read that.

I primarily focussed on objects that were a colour and book titles that included a colour in them. That's why Tvae might have spotted Redwall Abbey.

laurafoy wrote:Actually I believe he was Wally first, in the UK, where the artist is from.

He's Waldo in the United States and Canada, while he has all sorts of other groovy names localised for specific countries.

scionofjubal wrote:My personal fave is the red fern.

Pleased you saw that and it means something to you.

ittybittyx wrote:Is the yellow duck "Ping"? I loved that book!

It does look like Ping. How did that get in there?


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Re: Illiterate rainbow

i've clicked "I'D WANT ONE" on many derby entries that i thought were artistically stellar or "a great idea". But this is the first shirt that i actually will buy WHEN/if it runs.

It is the perfect balance of a great idea, and a design-style that is complimentary to the concept...but you don't have to take my word for it...


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pghilard wrote:LOVE the design can't stand the shirt color, white would have been awesome. Still gets my vote...

Agreed. I just can't wear baby blue.


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Re: Epic Battle

"Why are they books? I don't get it."

"Well... the woot derby was about books, I guess."

"Oh, that's pretty dumb."

"It seemed like a cool design at the time."

"They're books."

"Well maybe they represent the debate over which of the stories are better?"

"Seriously? The writing styles are not at all similar and they were written for wildly different audiences. How can it even be a comparison, other than that they can be categorized into the same broad fantasy genre?"

"Dammit, I don't know! Leave me alone!"


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Re: Reading Rocket Ship

I really like this, but I think it looks too boxy on the silver shirt.


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Re: if this doesnt make it im gonna scream Roland's Quest


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Re: Funny Things are Everywhere

A 'cute' kitten front-and-center with a Dr. Seuss reference. Yeah, he knows how to sell a shirt to his fan base.

If I were to wear a Suess shirt (which is not very likely), then I'd wear one of the countless real Suess-style shirts. The Ramy style just doesn't do the true Suess style justice. If you're a Ramy fan, then I kinda get it...but meh.

Also, as I mentioned above, the hat looks really...flaccid.


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Re: Shelf Life

I made an account solely to marvel at the amazingness of this shirt. I've seen a considerable number of shirts on Woot and not one has made me go to such lengths as to compliment it or make an account on Woot. I really really really hope this one gets printed, I'd buy it in a heartbeat (and I'm the one that's stingy with deals themselves).

Pixelpants, kudos on a truly breathtaking design. It's cute, hardcore, intricate, and very nostalgic.


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surfdad wrote:rogerx3 almost always gets my vote. This one is no exception. Might not print unless voters with taste wake up, but it'll be an HM for sure.

i love this one! Totally agree!


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Re: Lewis Carroll Was Such a Card

I really like this design, even if I'm not a huge fan of the books (to be fair, it's been a looonnnng time since I read the books). It has a very nice balance to it without being too boxy and there are lots of interesting elements in the design. Anyway, I hope it places!


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runnerfrog13 wrote:Despite the clarification about braille needing to be on the same line to be read correctly, this is a neat idea and I like it.

I even think it would be a great idea if all the cells lined up and the rainbow were horizontal! The cleverness would still be there and the rainbow colors obviously too

Yeah, but if the rainbow were "straight" there would be only 3 lines of color (with the braille being 3 bumps tall), so it wouldn't really be a rainbow's fine, and funny the way it is. I'm sure people will get the slight bending of the rules for the sake of the design...


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marzipanapple wrote:And I can't believe it. The Internet has finally broke me. Thanks, Internet.

See, that doesn't answer my question at all haha...and now I don't know if you mean to agree with me, and that linked image and comment make your head hurt because they make NO sense, or if I made you "break" with my own stupidity for not picking up on some obvious, self-facepalm-for-missing-it-worthy reference or joke or something.

GAH! The confusion!