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laggyg wrote:Grats on your 1st...welcome to the addiction =D

Thanks laggyg. You and a few others have been very vocal supporters, so I'm glad to that your hopes were fulfilled. It's been a great week watching the groundswell of support send it up into the fog and keep it there.
My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all the voters and the very entertaining contributors to this thread. It made for fun reading! This is my first derby print earned on votes. Previously the good staff at Woot gave me a taste for printing with this Editor's Choice http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=18192


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I want this shirt, now. And now I can't find it? Life is unfair.


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drinkingthesea wrote:Shakespeare wrote plays, not books. They are not the same thing. The script of a play is just the blueprint for the performance. It is not intended to be read like a book. This shirt, IMO, is off-topic.

So... I hate to be literal here, but when you read one of Shakespeare's plays, what's it in?

Also, if I take Lord of the Flies and do a public reading: changing my voice and delivery with each character all while moving in ways as to act out what the boys on the island are doing has Mr. Golding's work ceased to be a novel?

Maybe you should read more books before you post on internet forums. Just a thought.


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Re: The Real Treasure

I would love a chance to buy this!!


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DARN IT.... I don't know how this didn't make it out of the fog into the sales.

But... again... I'm hoping and hoping that you'll throw it on RedBubble; they're a bit more expensive but as I mentioned above, purchasers can choose which color they want it printed on.

This is a beautiful design.


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qetza wrote:I did a couple of rough sketches in my sketchbook, then scanned this into PS. I then redrew on my wacom tablet.

I can't believe this didn't print and am even more shocked it didn't get an HM. I hope you decide to sub it somewhere else.


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rglee129 wrote:I'll try my best!

Thanks for all the support- glad so many people really like this design. I like it, too.

Threadless!!! can't believe this didn't get an HM. I think I need to take another woot break, i'm getting annoyed with all the crappy designs winning.


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Re: The End

Love it. I would definitely buy this shirt.


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Fingers crossed this wins the Double Take Derby. I NEED this T-shirt. Naolito, you are a true artist.


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I adore this shirt - I had my credit card out and ready this weekend; couldn't believe it didn't print! But it did make the Honorable Mentions list after all, so I will be lined up to vote on the next double-take.


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Re: Reading Rocket Ship

@ Leabbh - Thanks again! This and "red" were my first derbies in a while back to back, so I was more than thrilled for how high it finished. Would have loved to see it print, but seeing finish fourth gives me hope it stands a good chance eventually.

@ khamilyon - I was hoping too! There were some great entries for this theme and it does feel good to get the HM (because of the double take). Hopefully it will make it to print. Thanks!


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adorabrooke wrote:Cool idea...

And about the 4th result in a Google images search on "I love books". Sheesh.


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ClaudiaM wrote:And about the 4th result in a Google images search on "I love books". Sheesh.

And first result on "book hug".

And second...

And third...

And fourth...

And fifth...

Yeah, it goes on.


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Re: Undersea Stories

I want this shirt! It would be really cool to wear at my storytelling appearances! Just tell me how I can get it.


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mojojojo435 wrote:super shirt. Just a pity it wasn't submitted sooner!

Congratz on the honorable mention!

Seize the Opportunity.


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Re: You Are What You Eat

I still want this! :'(


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Re: The Real Treasure

is this available for purchase?


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ApeLad wrote:I never was much of a reader.

Hi there, the idea is fantastic. Made me laugh...and I didn't get all at first..made me laugh more later. I want to wear this. Can you buy from you?



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Re: Reading Rocket Ship

This shirt is great! I woulld love to purchase some of these or get permission to use the design as a tee shirt for school. If anyone can help me to contact the artist of this design that would be awesome.


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Wore my shirt with pride today 3/2/12 in honor of Dr. Suess' b-day. Many of my students and colleagues loved it!


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Re: reading between the lines

I love this <3