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Just four short years ago Shirt.Woot was born into the world just like anyone else: naked, screaming, and covered in fluids. And, like any spoiled brat, we're turning our one day of celebration into a whole week! What's that mean for you? Lots of cool stuff, like...

  • A special stand-alone sale featuring our Limited Edition Fourth Anniversary Shirt, designed by longtime Woot pal Dan Zettwoch!
  • Four days of 4th Place Finishers! Our editors will be combing through Derbies of old to print their favorite shirts that finished in fourth place. Will the upstarts once denied by the masses make a splash in The Reckoning? Time will tell!
  • Our Four-themed Derby is up and running already! If you haven't checked it out, our weekly t-shirt design contest is in full swing. Stop by The Derby and vote for your favorites so that they might print. Or, if you're feeling particularly creative, submit your own design!
  • Even more Four-Centric updates and content! Keep your eyes on the Shirt.Woot blog for updates all week!

So join us this week as we celebrate four years of puns, pop culture riffs, art, and general geekery while looking forward to at LEAST four more. 

And seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks very much to everyone in our Shirt.Woot community. All of you, from the most popular designers cranking out quality designs week in and week out to the broke students lamenting their lack of $10 in the forums, make this place what it is. And we like to think it's a pretty cool place. Happy Birthday!


*"Limited" in the sense that once it gets Reckoned, it's gone. Just like every other shirt we sell.



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Happy Birthday, Shirt.Woot! I'm loving the idea of 4th place prints, can't wait to see what made the cut


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Happy 4th Woot! Thanks for all of your staff's hard work, and of course for the great shirts ^_^. Because of you, my closet and floors bursteth forward with AA tees in many Wooty colors. ^^ I can't remember the last time I didn't wear a Woot shirt to work @_@...


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Happy Fourth Birthday Shirt.Woot!

You always manage to make this Jester smile.


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Happy Birthday Shirt.Woot! Ooh, monkey shirt!?
In 4 one!


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Oh boy, this looks like it's going o be a bad week for my bank account. There are already a few IMUSTHAVEITs in the derby, and a chance at the shirts that I wanted in the past, and JUST missed the mark?

Best birthday ever.
Woot sure knows how to throw a party ;-)


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Will the monkey shirt follow the reckoning pattern?
i.e. day 1 $10, day 2 until reckoned $15?

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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Many happy returns.......oh wait....no, no, no. No returns at all. Seriously, I wish you many more birthdays.


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maryfryer wrote:Many happy returns.......oh wait....no, no, no. No returns at all. Seriously, I wish you many more birthdays.

You had it right the first time.
"Many happy returns of the day" is another phrasing.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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I <3 YOU :D

Thanks for all of the great shirts and memories over the years. I still cherish my "3 Gummy Bears in the Forest" Gummistone Park shirt.

I would have bought the 4th anniversary in an instant except for the monkeys throwing feces / cupcakes image. I just can't bring myself to buy it... monkeys throw feces, cupcakes are a super outdated fad.

That being said, I look forward to next year's!

Odds are, I probably already bought today's Shirt Woot... hahaha. I <3 Threadless :D If you need discounts for TL, just PM me! I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THREADLESS, I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM, I DO NOT REALLY CARE ABOUT THEM. I JUST LIKE GOOD LOOKING DESIGNER SHIRTS AND I LIKE PAYING GOOD PRICES !!!


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Happy Birthday Woot! I've spent the last year giving you lots of my money, I hope to continue doing so in the years to come!

(P.S. If you want more of my money, please choose Playground (from the Rainy Day derby) or Ninja Stars (from the Stars derby) as a 4th placer this week. It would make me very happy.)


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Happy Birthday Woot! Sorry I never took the time to get to know your likes and get you a real present... but here's $10 in pre-written post.


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Hatch-a-Bird-Egg, w00t!

I don't come around as often as I used to, but I wanted to give my birthday well-wishes, and to say thanks for filling my closet.

we'll always be friends.


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Happy Birthday! In a short 6 months I've somehow managed to increase the dark grey shirt population in my closet by 800%. But seriously, I've had a blast designing shirts every week and becoming a part of this artistic community.


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I thought I smelled monkeys.

Harpy Birdhay Shirt.Woot!


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Happy 4th Birthday shirt.woot!
You've grown up so fast. Seems like only yesterday you were turning three. So glad there's a gallery of pictures here and here to remember every day of your weird and wonderful life.


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Happy birthday woot.
I've got 80-some shirts, but still desperately hoping for pants.woot so I can go outside some day.

Higher prices AND crappier blanks, no thank you


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Happy Birthday, Woot! Can't wait to see what other also-rans print this week. Cool1


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4th place prints? Wow!

It doesn't affect me since I've never come in 4th. But I'm wondering how this works anyway... does Woot e-mail those artists asking for permission first if they're beyond the hold period so they don't print something now being held by another site?


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Happy Birthday! I still have fond memories of the 2nd birthday party at the St Louis City Museum. I've never been to a better birthday party before or since. More parties need ball pits, 10 story spiral slides, a cave system, and a live derby.


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Happy Birthday! :D Your birthday is only 2 days before mine!

Suggestion to the Woot editors: cmdixon2's Stripes are Flattering.

Ok...so it didn't get 4th, but it got FOURteenth in the crosshatch derby and FOURty FOURth in it's double take derby.

Examine Bindle of Carrots.
What Bindle of Carrots?


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Happy Birthday Shirt.Woot! I'm happy to say I was there at your birth (though not there for your big bro, Woot's) and have watched you grow up into a fine strapping delinquent.

Printing 4ths is an awesome way to celebrate! I'm hoping this is also an experiment in random ECs. I'd love to get this surprise more often!

I'm guessing you're only printing 4ths for the shirts you have 60 day holds on? And since 201 was the last EC, that leaves only 5 more possible shirts you can print. I'm saving my $10 for "Reading Rocket Ship"!


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Happy 4th, shirt.woot! I feel like i've known you for over a quarter of your life...oh wait...I have...Octopus with Bubble Gun goes PEWPEW!!

And thanks, artists! You've given my family so much fun & beautiful wearable art...we really appreciate your work!

1st Burgandy Olfactory Center 12/1/2010! w00t!!11!!
2nd Burgandy Olfactory Center 12/6/2011! w00t!!11!!


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Happy 4th Birthday, shirt.woot!

How 'bout $4 shirts to celebrate?!?!?!

Even a blind squirrel is right twice a day.


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Feliz cumpleaños Woot!


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Happy Birthday, shirt.woot! And nothing says woot birthday like a monkey food fight. Cheers!


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Volunteer Moderator

Wow ... it seemed like it was ... just 4 years ago.

Not that I wish to see shirt.woot in its birthday suit. I'm not a robot - raw lines of code and case-less computers don't excite me.

Happy birthday!

No.1 rule of online apparel purchases: SIZING CHARTS! Unsure between standard and premium options at shirt.woot? Read more about their differences here.

Like (or dislike) what you see at shirt.woot? Choose what prints at shirt.woot! Vote in the derby!

- Note: I am not staff. If you need help with your purchases, contact Support.


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Random Woot shirts help numb the agony of not getting a Bundle of Crops. Thanks for that.


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Happy 4th Birthday Woot! You've been a great creative outlet for me. And I also have way too many graphic t-shirts now;)


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Yay, happy 4th birthday shirt.woot! My time flies, donut?


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Happy Birthday Shirt.Woot!

Even though you only thanked the "popular designers" with their "quality designs".

Nothing follows.


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Happy Birthday! It's been an amazing time!

[MOD: No advertising please]


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I'm hoping that they will print Playground: http://shirt.woot.com/derby/entry.aspx?id=45273


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Happy 4th birthday shirtwoot! Here's to many more.


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happy birfday john glenn!

oh and to shirt.woot too. i guess.


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Happy Birthday, Woot!!!

And I'm really, really hoping for Let's all go to the Laboratory. I was soooooo upset when that didn't win...


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happy birthday! this is all so very exciting


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Even though it's an old design, it would make me very happy to see rglee's Bioluminescence from the Build Your Own Robot derby picked this time around.


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marajad3 wrote:Happy Birthday! I still have fond memories of the 2nd birthday party at the St Louis City Museum. I've never been to a better birthday party before or since. More parties need ball pits, 10 story spiral slides, a cave system, and a live derby.


I still have the derby shirt I created and the rug burns to prove it.