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First time commenting.
I must say after reading why the idea of yours came up for the T shirt,I love it.
Bringing it together, a large animal from the ocean and a large animal from the land,Awesome. My Granddaughter is going to love it.
I was waiting for the perfect T to come up to buy her and this is it. Thanks Bud.
Love your way of thinking.
All animal and nature enthusiasts should too.

Have a great day and keep that mind of yours sharp for other T designs.

Snapshot Canada


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Pssh! Blatant commercialism!
This is obviously a whale sporting the latest advertising craze; Animal Wraps

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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Bought one, I couldn't resist. :^)


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No, dude. Not a theory. You have a hypothesis. Get it right.


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Intriguing! I knew it all along.


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I love this shirt, but there is one question I'm really curious to ask. Is there any place on earth (outside of a zoo) where an elephant is ACTUALLY going to be next to evergreen trees???

Just some food for thought.

James D. Brown


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darn cute


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