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I'm glad this got printed! The design is solid and it's well drawn, the fact that it's a pop culture reference is just a bonus. If I had any money I'd sure as heck buy one!

Check out my Food design please!


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My daughter saw this and said "Look dad! It's the cat that poops rainbows!" Needless to say, I ordered one for her.


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Meme or not, I love this shirt. I even paid for shipping because I want it before next month.


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Goodness do I want this shirt. However, I just received some random woot shirts and I probably have too many at this point. Is anyone interested in a trade? I have two brand new, unworn WL shirts, an 8-bit Tux (http://shirt.woot.com/blog/viewentry.aspx?id=20820) and a Flow Chart of Life (http://shirt.woot.com/blog/viewentry.aspx?id=20280). Someone want either of these in return for today's fabulous nyancat shirt?


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I so want to order this for Gov. Christie. If only woot made larger shirts.



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Narfcake wrote:In case you don't know the meme:

... and for those who prefer the 10 hour version

Is it sad that I literally just sat there and listened to the whole thing?

Then I had to fight myself to not press the buy button, I'll do it before it gets to the danger zone. gawd so...cute and annoyingly adorable.

painful. lol


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I had to post, only because Nyan Cat has been my faithful forum signature for many months now.

Sadly I do not have the funds for the shirt, or I would buy it in a second. *cries*


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Oh, CRUD! All four of us usual number nerds missed the debut day figures!

Patrick - what does your sales page have as a quantity at the top?

No.1 rule of online apparel purchases: SIZING CHARTS! Unsure between standard and premium options at shirt.woot? Read more about their differences here.

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Narfcake wrote:Oh, CRUD! All four of us usual number nerds missed the debut day figures!

Patrick - what does your sales page have as a quantity at the top?

I noted 2732 sales at about 12:05 last night. That may have to suffice if no one has a true midnight number.


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Just got mine yesterday. It's beautiful and fits great.


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Got mine today! The color is a little washed out on the actual shirt, it would have been great to be as vivid (at least) as online, but it's just a kewt in person! Liebe <3


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Sad news today about the kitty behind Nyan.

So young. RIP, awesome kitty.

I'm just hanging out, really.