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shawrizard wrote:Nooooo. I unwittingly bought my usual size without knowing about the change, and it's pretty baggy. Maybe they already had this and I'm just oblivious -- but it would be cool if they put some kind of really obvious message at checkout mentioning that the ladies' sizes are different and you may want to take a look at the chart even if you've purchased woot shirts in the past.

They did - for a year. Sorry you missed it.

BUT there is hope! For the time being, you have the option to upgrade to AA shirts for an extra $1! This upgrade option is only available on the first day of the daily printed shirts - so jump when you see something you like!


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I'm a first and last-time buyer

I discovered this site through a friend and loved all of the designs!

I recently purchased two of the older designs, "The Ultimate Book Club" and "An Inevitable Fate." Well, they came yesterday and I am super bummed.

The shirts fit my chest, but are big everywhere else. And I finally know what the other posters are speaking of when they mention the shirt being bell-shaped at the bottom. I look like a strange, ill-fitting triangle - not exactly the look I was going for.

Since I received the size I ordered, I suppose I am SOL and they will be my new yoga shirts. I can't fit into a ladies AA XL, so that's that. I guess I will have to admire the designs from afar until you bring in an AA XXL!


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The XL is too small. Because boobs. Please extend your range to Women's XXL. Because buying.

greenlightgo722 wrote:Regardless of any of the complaints, and worries about material source, etc. I am so unbelievably excited to try out a new shirt from woot, where my "girls" might actually be comfortable. Even buying the XL in women's makes it look like i've been scouring the junior's rack in skeezy-ho-ville.

In less words, AA "women's" sizes in no way accommodated for my...hem... "women's" size.

huzzah hooray and all that stuff.


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Not confused, but supremely annoyed. Because I missed this forum posting, I ordered a shirt in the same size as my 5 other woot shirts, and this one of course doesn't fit. Now Woot refuses to exchange it. That's sucky policy. If you decide to change your vendors and sizing, you have to expect that there could be some initial trouble for loyal customers (the people you'd think they'd want to keep around). Refusing an exchange is simply terrible customer relations.


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I am honestly extremely disappointed right now. When I first saw this post on the forum, I thought, "What's so bad about changing the sizes of women's shirts?" Then I ordered one, in WXL. (As a background, I formerly bought WL sizes in Anvil, but found they were a little too small on me, especially around the bust area.)

Anyway, I finally received my shirt, excited because I was finally going to have a shirt that fit me comfortably, and what did I find waiting for me? A shirt that looks more like it's meant to be MXL than WXL. Heck, the shirt is even too big on my boyfriend. I wonder if they left out one extra X in the size. I had hoped that the changes in sizing wouldn't be too noticeable, especially since "they tend to run smaller than the typical shirts." Apparently not.

I contacted support, who assured me that I have the right shirt (it has a light blue tag, after all) and that they can't do anything about it. Now, I have a shirt that I can't wear, and I'm left hoping that I can trade the shirt off to someone in the Trade Center.

tl;dr: WL too small, WXL (way) too big. What's a girl to do?


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It'd be nice if you'd change the note about sizing in the FAQ that shirts are quite small and you should round up. Because, uh, they're not. At all. I usually fall between a women's M and women's L, prefer a somewhat looser look and opted to get WL as a result of that note. My first shirt just arrived, and I look like I'm wearing a sack. It's bigger than the men's M I got from another firm (who also says their sizing is small, and where the women's M I originally had made me look like I was vacuum-packed into my clothing). With the new sizing chart I might actually be a WS, which happens just about never. And yet, the FAQ claims:

"They tend to run smaller than the typical shirts, with that streamlined cut that looks so good on 19-year-old hipsters. If you prefer the tentlike, billowing t-shirts so common these days, you'd better overestimate the hell out of your size."


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Last time I ordered a shirt was the end of 2010... ~2.5 years later... Unknowing of the size change, I ordered the size I normally order just the other day. Now, I am a sad panda because I still fit my old woot shirt even after having a child. If I had known, I would have just ordered a men size instead of having an awkward women's style shirt.


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Also upset about the new sizes. WL shirts used to fit me perfectly, and have from pretty much every supplier I've ever ordered from in the past. I thought they had accidentally sent me a men's large when I received my shirt, though, because this thing is HUGE.

I was given a refund (thank you so much), so if anyone's interested in a large The Pipe I have one that I'll never be able to wear.

Unfortunately, I don't know if I'm going to be buying any new shirts in these new sizes any time soon, because they're just not the right sizes anymore. The WS is now my closest fit, but I have a strong preference for longer shirts. 25 inches is just too short.


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Yep, just want to add that my wife also will not be buying any more Woot! shirts for either herself or our 4 year old ( the kid shirts are also, like the women's cut shirts too short and wide, never mind the huge neck holes) due to the weird sizing of the new shirts.


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Are these cut like a baby-tee like you see in some women's tee shirts, or a regular tee shirt? I would like something tapered and fitted that doesn't look like a pajama top or my boyfriend's teeshirt. thanks!


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stanfordsarah wrote:Are these cut like a baby-tee like you see in some women's tee shirts, or a regular tee shirt? I would like something tapered and fitted that doesn't look like a pajama top or my boyfriend's teeshirt. thanks!

That's what these are. I wear a women's medium. If I'm looking for a longer tshirt for under a sweatshirt, I'll go for a men's small.

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Any chance you're actually considering a WXS? I'm getting a little tired of buying the kid size that's just a little too short... I wish I could bring myself to just stop buying woot shirts altogether, but alas I have an obsession.