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No.1 rule of online apparel purchases: SIZING CHARTS! Unsure between standard and premium options at shirt.woot? Read more about their differences here.

Like (or dislike) what you see at shirt.woot? Choose what prints at shirt.woot! Vote in the derby!

- Note: I am not staff. If you need help with your purchases, contact Support.


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I have another design up for pre-order at Cotton Bureau on ultrasoft American Apparel tri-blend heather black.


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Jabba the Fluff is finally available on Teepublic!

It's on sale for $14 for the next 72 hours, then it'll be $20.


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This only marginally fits in this category, but Budi Sutria Kwan, aka Radiomode, has a couple of designs that are in a side sale on the main Woot site.

Ends March 28 @ 9 AM Central.

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