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 We wanted an insight into some of the most annoying traits people - OTHER people, not you guys, of course - have, and boy did we get an eyeful. Here are our Art Directors' faves from the designs that didn't make print: 


Just One More Game

by kevlar51

AKA every Civilization player's mantra.



by harzack

"What? I just want to be REALLY sure."


Chronically Late Like a Wizard

by haxrox

"And I always mean to piss everyone else off."


Overactive Imagination

by patrickspens

It's only charming when you're a kid.


Yakety Yak

by noxandpy

Don't talk back.


He Shot First

by Radscoolian

Through the miracle of CGI, this infamous scene is now depicted as a cartoon kangaroo boxing match. Thanks, George!



by nathanwpyle

"Yea, and the prophets told of a mythical entity known only as 'Ctrl+Z' who would cleanse us of our misdeeds."


Stay Positive

by expo01

We're all agreed that the positive guy is the annoying one, right?


Tough to Please

by tjschaeffer

I'd give an arm and a leg to pass that class.



That's all for now! Be sure to check out our next Double-Take Derby for your chance to vote on these designs again. Until then, go vote in our current Derby!



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Yay! Super excited to get my first Honorable Mention! Thanks, Woot!


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Awww, Manny is so happy! I'm sure we'll never hear the end of it. Thanks Woot!


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Haha, I was definitely thinking Civilization when I made this. But I switched from 'turn' to game so it wouldn't be too limiting. Thanks woot!


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Don't worry, Kevlar: woot will get around to printing "Procrastination" eventually.

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