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Apologies for falling behind on the HMs; we're getting back up to speed today after the redesign knocked us off schedule. We asked for your interpretation of that most awkward love triangle, the unrequited one. Here are our editors' faves from Three's a Crowd:

Game of Chairs

Game of Chairs

by odysseyroc

You can tell who wins by their bloody butt.



by kevlar51

Wait, you guys don't use three at a time? What are you doing wrong?

Monster Mistake

Monster Mistake

by SeedUvPain

This is where FourSquare could come in handy.

Bad Pun and a Unicycle as a Literal 3rd Wheel

Bad Pun and a Unicycle as a Literal 3rd Wheel

by haxrox

Oh don't worry, unicycle, some hipster with a handlebar mustache will happen along soon enough.

Fun For Who Exactly?

Fun For Who Exactly?

by patrickspens

Good clean fun.

I'm Flexible!

I'm Flexible!

by burnapaperzach

I thought the whole point of a triangle was that it's NOT flexible?

Not now, chewie

Not now, chewie

by dijay

That awkward moment when you wake up and he's humping your leg.



by expo01

Forever a crow.

That's all for now! We'll keep these on the pile until the next Double Take Derby. Until then, check out the current Derby to vote for your fave designs!



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LOVE the chopsticks shirt! Any chance it could still go to print?


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mymail1967 wrote:LOVE the chopsticks shirt! Any chance it could still go to print?

It's possible if it wins the next time the double take derby occurs.

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And the third place shirt isn't on the HM list
Thing 3
As the Thing Three in my family I must protest.


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Thanks for the nod Woot!
And thanks mymail1967!


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Thanks for the HM :D


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Many thanks to all at Woot and congrats all. (o;