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Derby #261: The Internet Through Art History closed for voting at noon today. Three of these designs will go on sale one at a time over the next three days - the rest will go down in near-miss history. Click on each picture below to see that entry's page, with a fuller view of the design. The final nine, in no particular order...

Across the Starry Night: A study in nude by ramyb
Fox Nouveau by ramyb
ASCII Night by artguyaaron
Dial Up by kevlar51
The Mrowr by walmazan
bitmap rise by kharmazero
Relay by radiomode
The Creation of Nerd by harzack
56K by omarfeliciano

Come back tonight at midnight to see (and, of course, buy) our first-place winner. Then do the same thing Saturday and Sunday morning. Please? Thanks for Derbying!


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I love how an obvious rip off of another person's work is featured.

Check out the second image search result