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I just received this shirt, LOVE IT!!! Never have ordered a Woot shirt and I am so glad I got this one. It is comfortable and fun.
---What a pug---


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chefgon wrote:I'll second the "just plain cute" argument. Look at this face and tell me she's ugly. http://chefgon.com/media/kissme.jpg

super cute!! I dont like the shirt description either. we are a pug loving family! I do think the shirt is funny but not sure Im gonna buy it.


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Well said! Ditto!

jmied01 wrote:I have a pug too, and I'm sorry to the "person" that wrote that offensive shirt write-up, but he is a furry little gentleman and is cuter (no, not so ugly he's cute, just plain cute) than 90% of the human population. Plus he's a double coat so he's super fluffy and soft. For shame, sir. For shame.