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Pip pip, old chap! We wanted to see our artists' stiff upper lips and lax views on dental hygiene, and they delivered in our most Angloriffic derby yet! Take a right proper gander at these blokes whom our esteemed Editorial Parliament voted quite right!

Fighting for the Crown

Fighting for the Crown

by kevlar51

This is how my stomach feels after eating eel pie.

Camelot's One Stop Magic Shoppe

Camelot's One Stop Magic Shoppe

by fishbiscuit5

His prices are all right, but he always insists on sending you for random quest items before he'll deal with you.

What is a Weekend?

What is a Weekend?

by freshmutton

A: the time I don't have to wear pants.

Keep Calm...Here's a Towel

Keep Calm...Here's a Towel

by toby8915

A wetnap would suffice.

For Better Looking Responders Dial...

For Better Looking Responders Dial...

by sheenachu

This is the kind of shirt you'll want to try taking it off and putting it on again.

Let it Tea..

Let it Tea..

by walmazan

Abbey Herbs and Spices.

The Hero We Need

The Hero We Need

by ochopika

"You merely adopted the pipe. I was born with it."


That's all for now! Stay tuned to the next Derby and be sure to vote for your faves!


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I'm so scary it's good!

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■(10:40 AM, 6/21/2012 ) bounty42 inquires, "Is it just me, or do we not typically get this many Editors Choice shirts?"
■(2:02 PM, 6/15/2012) bounty42 runs numbers.
■(10:40 AM, 6/7/2012) bounty42 dispenses wisdom for all those 'too late' naysayers, "A woot shirt is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to."
■(3:20 PM, 5/18/2012) bounty42 states, "The turtle is very cute, and I love the smug look he's got."


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Thanks Woot!


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Oh wow! That's me! Thanks so much, woot! :D


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Thank you Woot! :D I am honored!

Hammurabi meant to say pie...Vote!


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Where are the tomatoes? T_T

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Congrats, artists.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!