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gina3graces wrote:Arrest me for frostitution yet once again! 3 counts of it, to be exact. And hey, why aren't the counts showing the updates. My purchase of 3 doesn't show...yet.

It does now. You're a "one percenter" ;)


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meandsecoya wrote:All very good advice (thanks!) I spent most of my on-the-side stash feeding my need for purple. My sister doesn't woot, but the point stands (have someone else buy for you). My husband just happens to be the attentive type who actually pays attention to the clothes I have. Either way, I'm going to get another one, I just have to decide if my son can pull off cupcakes and get away with wearing this to Kindergarten.

My kindergarten nephews told me I could do ninjas, monsters dinosaurs, their favorite animals but no more cute cupcakes unless there was blood. Too bad there are no child size hoodies then it would be woot in another item.


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Alas! I can't resist the awesomeness of this shirt. I've been trying all day (my husband is growing suspicious of all the shirt woot bags that keep arriving) but I've been worn down. I. Must. Have. All. The. Cupcakes.

forever fighting the urge to buy something just because it is cheap and cool...wait, it's cheap and cool, let me click that big yellow button!


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Great design, Wences! Congrats on the print!


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teacookie wrote:Your son can pull it off for kindergarden, the shirt is a wonderful mixture of cute, funny and morbid. In fact he will be albe to wear it for the rest of his life, make sure to buy a mens small, or multiples. Yeah it will be big but he will grow into it. I know this I have a 9 yr old cousin and 10 yr nephew I keep buying shirts for.

There is nothing wrong with your sister asking you what your kids want for xmas and having her buy on your account. :3 You could always try to bargin with him, strong arm him, or batter him up.

I waited until he got home from school and showed it to him. He immediately said he wanted one, that it was 'sooo cool' and he'd eat all the cupcakes. So, I put in a second order to get one for him for Christmas. Thanks for the advice!

dns12999 wrote:Don't encourage lying to spouses...If you husband is awesome enough he will understand why you had to buy it. I know I would.

I wouldn't lie to him about it. I don't lie to him about anything, actually. Except for pretending I never dated anyone before him, but that one he made up himself and makes me go along with it. :-p I probably won't mention the shirts (five in the past week, plus three packs of kids.woot glow sticks today. Intervention time?) until they get here, but that's not lying, right?

PurplePawprints elsewhere


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Had to get one! First woot <3


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nbigdog2000 wrote:Had to get one! First woot <3

hooray! now we're married!

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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Great work Wences, congrats!


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I'm seeing a face, sans scalp and hair, thus I declare it the scalpless muffin.


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tasty + spooky, must be a walmazan. yeah!


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All caked up I missed this one. Hope lords of the shirt will reprint.