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I can't sew more than a horrible hem and attach buttons. Making a custom costume for my son meant improvising within my limitations. Still, I've managed to come up with a couple pretty good costumes for my son without freaking out.

Here's the two fav:

My son's first big movie addiction was Snow White. He's watch that video (yes, VHS) over and over and over. It was also the first movie he saw in a movie theater when Disney re-released it to the box office for a short time. It was obvious that he had to be Dopey.

I used a large adult green tshirt and cut the front out on the bottom of the shirt to shape it like the coat Dopey wore. I attached a couple huge buttons and added a wide belt. Finishing touches were the purple sweatpants, turtleneck shirt, and stocking cap.


The next big fad for my son was the Pokemon era. There's no doubt he had to be Ash. I got a small men's light blue shirt and cut off the sleeves & collar. Then I took a white shirt and cut it so there was just the collar, sleeves, and yolk across the back. I used some fabric glue to attach these to each other.

I used fabric paint for the yellow accents. The gloves are simple white costume gloves and wrist bands dyed green. The hat was purchased.


I know we have a bunch of creative folks. Won't you share some of your custom homemade costumes. They can be you or your child.

Let's see what you have!

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ThunderThighs wrote:(original post)

Wow - nice to see I'm not the only one who painted ping pong balls to look like a Pokeball. I made them for party favors one year.

But seriously - that Dopey was pure genius!

My boys were pretty easy - Men in Black one year (dark suit, sunglasses) and the next year the youngest wanted to be the scariest thing he could think of - an attorney (dark suit, briefcase and business cards). He's always been a bit warped in the horror/humor line...any wonder he's now a 20 year old Whovian?

The eldest was Clark Kent/Superman last year - dark suit (sense a theme here?), black horn-rimmed glasses, tie pulled aside, shirt oen to the waist with a blue Superman T underneath.

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My sister and I were gypsies one year. No clue what all we have there, but it was all stuff Mom or other family had.

Not halloween, but this is me as Princess Leia. One of Dad's white dress shirts and a belt. It should be noted that my sister did my hair and insisted on the picture. I was barefoot, standing on a towel. In the snow.

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ThunderThighs wrote:cute costumes

Just wanted to say that I dig your avatar's jester costume.

If I can dig out some of the costumes my sister has made for my niece, I'll show 'em off.


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It's that day...and this would be easy enough without needing a run to the store.

Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.