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I recently had a shirt that I shipped by smartpost not arrive when the tracking said that it was delivered. Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so were you able to resolve this with either the usps or woot?
I live in an apartment building with locking mailboxes that woot shirts can easily fit inside so it's nearly impossible that it could have been stolen after it was delivered. At this point it's been about a week since the usps claim it was delivered.
Typically I might buy it again and just attribute this to one of the risks of using smartpost, but now "lose yourself" is out of the reckoning.


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You should send to both the post office and woot. The post will have a missing mail form for you to fill out. I am assuming you already asked the apartment office, just because it can fit doesn't mean that one unused to it would try especially if it would bend other mail.


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Definitely send a note to and see if they can help you out!

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