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Derby #275: I Recycle closed for voting at noon today. One of these designs will go on sale as our First Place selection on Friday - the rest could be selected by our Editors to print or just go down in near-miss history. Click on each picture below to see that entry's page, with a fuller view of the design. The final nine, in no particular order...

Green by ramyb
A Good Cause by wirdou
Happy Recycler by jasneko
Re-Circle Of Life by patrickspens
It Still Works! by Radscoolian
Endless Bounty by paxdomino
After the Party by Spiritgreen
Reduce, Reuse, Reargyle by fishbiscuit5
He's a Hipster by omarfeliciano

Come back tonight at midnight to see (and, of course, buy) our first-place winner. Then do the same thing Saturday and Sunday morning. Please? Thanks for Derbying!


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terryjr91 wrote:Not going to lie. The first one kind of looks like three Penises.

Lol. Peyronie's

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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No green robot?