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I like teetrade, I really do.

I do have an issue... the deadbeats... The people who put up a shirt for sale, trade or want but never bother checking their account... They don't even read the messages sent to them.

Does Teetrade not have the ability to clean out the dead weight.... There are tee's on the site under accounts years old with no one checking the messages on the other end... Heck there are tee's on there 3 to 4 weeks old with no one checking messages on the other end for 2 to 3 weeks.

Am I the only one who's had this experience, is anyone else sick of it?


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Gosh, yes! It also really bothers me when I know people have read my message & still won't respond. A simple "No thanks, not my style" would be sufficient. It's not gonna destroy my world if you don't want to trade with me! And I can tell if you've read my message or not.

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